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I was reading a news blurb about Terry Gilliam not being able to scrape together $15 Million US Dollars to start filming Good Omens, the film adaptation of the novel by Niel Gaiman about the screwing up of the apocolypse. Here's the thing - the stars attached to this vehicle? Johnny Depp and Robin Williams! Who the hell wouldn't want to see that pairing?! I know I sure would! Hell, I'd stand in line right now with my $10 in hand to see that puppy.

After all, when you consider the crap they have been putting in the theater lately, this would be a gem that shines out amidst the sh!t...
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Okay, first - who is going to see the movie this opening weekend? Anyone? ANYONE?!

Well over at the VH1 website they have twenty pieces of movie trivia. One of the tid-bits I found most interesting was the following - Former Oingo Boingo member-turned-soundtrack composer Danny Elfman provides the singing voices of the Oompa-Loompas.

Okay, now it is a moral imperative that I see this movie!
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So al lthe fuss in the news about Paula Abdul being on SNL and all she did was make a brief appearance. Fpha! What a waste of my time... Johnny Knoxville however was worth the tivo storage - very funny guy.
Oh, and in other celebrity news - why does 'E' find it necessary to interrupt programming to announce that Jennifer Garner is pregnant? Woop-d-freakin-doo... Once was enought, but four times in the the couse of one hour? Great, now we all know that Ben Afflecks who-ha works! I hope they name the baby Bennifer the III.
The Kernersville Spring Folly was a nice little event. I got a little bit too much sun on my head and have been told I should have worn a hat a number of times by Mindy. The had lots of fair-food and Emily almost ate and entire ear of roasted corn on her own. A brief rundown of the delectible delights:

1) Roasted Turkey Legs - Mmmmmmm... Damn good! They had a nice smokey flavor and were just as good as last year.
2) Roasted Corn - I was a little bummed at the size of the ears - too small. But still tasty.
3) Cheesecake on a Stick - Food on a stick is good, period! Chocolate dipped cheesecake? Even better!
4) Sausage Sandwiches - I think I could have done without this one...
5) Hawaiian Shaved Ice - I felt this was an imposter since it wasn't shaved from a single block of ice.
6) Funnel Cake - I pretty much opted out of this one but had a small sample. I prefer them with berries and whipped cream.

There was much more to be sampled, but I didn't want to look like a pig and stop at every stand. ;) We did managed to purchase some extra turley legs and stick them in a picnic warmer/cooler and enjoyed them for dinner. Quite tasty!
This next weekend will bring us to the Greek Festival in Winston-Salem. Awwwww yeah! Loukamades, Souvlaki and Gyro - Oh my!
I called and chatted with my Team Leader last night to check on my performance for the week (since I had last night off). Turns out my productivty was over 100% for the week - even with only three nights on the phone. I even managed to score over forty sales, so my pay-out will be at 100%. The best part - from 12:00am to 2:30am on saturday, at the end of my shift, I managed 9 sales! Keep in mind, for some folks that is all they get in a 8 hour shift. Needless to say, I am feeling mighty proud. This afternoon I have a feedback session with one of the folks I interviewed with for the Facilitator position. I think it is important that I show them that even though I didn't get the job that I am not one to pout or get pissy. Instead, I am gonna show them that I am more determined than ever to get off that darned phone and climb the ladder.


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