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Did anyone read todays For Better or For Worse?
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Does anyone else read 'For Better or For Worse' in the comics pages of your local newspaper? I have it set on My Yahoo! and read it everyday. Anyway, I am very concerned about Elzabeth - she has this stalker guy at work and in today's strip she is alone with him and he has taken on a threatening posture... I doubt he'll rape her (after all, this is the comics page we are talking about) but I am on the edge of my seat hoping everything works out and that she won't be hurt. (Geez, listen to me go on about a COMIC STRIP!!)
The MIL and Mindy's Niece will be here in a little more than six hours. Commence Panic!
I finally got my corporate card and ordered my new cell phone with accesories and hopefully will have them in the next couple days. Funny thing about the card, they sent the original on 7/25 and I called to have a replacement sent on Friday. I had the replacement in hand on Monday afternoon, and right after I activated it I went to talk with our Admin when the mail guy walks up to her and asks, "Uh, is there a Michael Barnes here?" After a quick chuckle I fessed up that I was the man he was looking for, and he hands me the original card that has been floating around for two weeks inside the building. Talk about ironic!
No new news about my nephew. I guess I will have to call his social worker and see why I haven't heard from him yet, since she was supposed to visit him and let him call my grandmother as well as myself.
Anyone like the 30 Second Bunny Troupe over at ?? They have a bunch of new 30 second movies that will be premiering on Starz - including Star Wars! Gotta love them bunnies! That and squirrels.... As in Foamy the Squirrel over at - I tell ya, that rodent speaks TRUTH!!
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Batman Begins debut this weekend was a little short of the expectations of Movie Execs by bringing in only $71 Milliom since Wednesday. Bummer for them... Personally, I think it did pretty damned good for a relaunch of a movie franchise that has sucked ass with the last two films - Joel Shumacher should be ashamed for those travesties. Still, it brings about a good idea for discussion. Can comic book based material be profitable in the face of declining ticket sales?

Personally, I think that it can as long as producers remain true to the core material without taking too much artistic license that alienates the comic fan. TV shows like Smallville have shown how good material can be molded from years of historical cannon to make something fresh and exciting. Movies like Spiderman, X-Men and Fantastic 4 are breathing new life into the Marvel franchises and are generating interesting in properties from the big publishers and even the indies. Me personally, I will make it a point to check out a comic based movie because I am a fan and I like to see the pages brought to life on the screen. Some films I have avoided, simply because I felt it strayed too far from the base material - Constantine being the most recent film that comes to mind.

What do you think?
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I was watching Bravo the other day and they had 'The Ultimate List of Heros, Vixens & Villians' so of course I had to watch it. And you know me, I have to offer my opinion!


The top three were 1) Spiderman, 2) Superman and 3) Batman. I myself can completely agree with the names on the list, I just disagree with their placement - Superman should be on top! Spiderman, while a top grossing movie star and comic book icon in his own right, just doesn't embody hero to me as much as Superman. (Look at my icon list if you don't believe me) Batman can hang out on the list as a third wheel, just because he is the pinnicle of human performance and detective skills.


Catwoman was on the top in the first position and I have no qualms about that - although, I personally hated the idea of the recent film and have not seen it. To me, Catwoman is either gonna be Julie Newmar or Michelle Pfifer. (Ms. Berry, while I do not wish to offend as you are quite the hottie, I think you should have just said no to the role of Catwoman. Do however make a spin-off film for your role of Jinx from James Bond!)


Darth Vader in the pole position! Awwwwww yeah! No argument there... Batman's arch-nemesis The Joker was listed second.

Now, while these are all agreed upon by film, television and comic book professionals I have to say I think my list would be slightly different. In each catagory my personal fav's would be: Hero - Superman, Vixen - Ripley from the Alien Films, and Villian - Darth Vader. What about you? Who would make up your lists? Lemme know...

Oh, and if you want to see these shows yourself I see on Bravo's website they'll be showing them again on June 10th and 12th, all three back-to-back. Lemme know what you think.
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Alas, I was not at a midnight showing of the new Star Wars film, but I will get there eventually. However, I did watch the season finale of Smallville (and for those of you who know of my Superman fixation you know it was just like seeing Star Wars).

This season I was bothered with all this 'Kryptonian Element Stones' business so I am happy it is drawing to a conclusion, with or without the cliffhanger at the end of the episode. One thing is certain to me though after seeing Clark whisked away to some Arctic region with the combined element stone and watching him throw it away into the icy skies - A Fortress of Solitude is in the making next season. I'd bet money on it.

The ten minute preview of Batman Begins was worth hanging around for at the conclusion of the show though. When Katie Holmes popped up on the screen Mindy exclaimed, "SHE'S in it?!" I wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing, but maybe that means I might actually be able to see it this summer since there is a Dawson's Creek connection. All I can say is that with Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman and Michael Cain it has some credability in the acting department. Plus it has Ras Al Gul and The Scarecrow for villians, so it will prove to be a very interesting movie to watch.


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