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*Yawn* I know, I am up early...

Christmas has come and gone and left a pile of spent wrapping paper and cardboard boxes in its wake. The recycling truck is going to love us this week!

Emily had a wonderful Christmas morning, after fighting the need to fall asleep on Christmas Eve (she didn't give in until 10 pm). After we finally got her into her bed, Santa's elves went to work wrapping up her presents and putting them under the tree. One elf in particular, who shall remain nameless, put together her Princess Table & Chairs and her new Baby Buggy (which were both surprisingly easy to assemble). Fortunately for me, I only had two presents remaining that needed wrapping for Mindy, so was able to hide in the bedroom and watch a Christmas Movie on Comedy Central... Who knew that Jackass: The Movie would be playing? Uncut, and uncensored?! Oh yeah, that puts ya in the Christmas spirit! We both were able to go to bed around 2-ish.

Emily let us sleep until a little after 8 in the morning. According to my MIL as each Christmas arrives, we'll be staying up later and later, and Emily will be getting up earlier and earlier. I hate to admit it, but she is probably right. Well, as we came out into the living room Emily walked in and exclaimed, "*GASP!* PRESENTS!" Uh huh, way to send themessage of Christmas to my child... (j/k) So she walked right past the table, right past the buggy, and went straight to the package of dog cookies for Dixie. "No no Emily, come look at these things... These are for you!" She jumped right in and started opening up her gifts like a champ. Mindy and I realized that we may have had too many gifts under the tree because eventually she stopped opening gifts and wanted to play with her bath-tub crayons, and we had to explain that those were for bath-time, so she couldn't play with them just yet. She didn't really like my logic, but she lived with it. Now, what Christmas post wouldn't be complete without some photos?

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Dinner turned out great! Cooking by temp, as opposed to time, is the way to go thank to the bitchin Alton Brown inspired digital thermometer we bought the day after Thanksgiving. I started the roast on high temp for one hour, turned it down low, and waited for the timer to go off. It was PERFECT! Even Mindy commented on how tasty, juicy and tender the roast turned out. Emily, who is sometimes my worst critic, ate a bunch, and I even made a plate for Dixie, complete with Au Jus gravy...

I'll write about my specific gifts a little later. I'm gonna go back to bed.
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Merry Christmas to all of you!

(I'll fill you in on the Barnes Family Christmas Eve/Morning excitement a little later... Must prepare to cook a roast for dinner tonight! Nummers...)
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Last night I put some Great Northerns in the pot for a good soak and this morning I threw them in the crockpot with some really tasty ham we picked up at Costco, and a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash Table Blend. Doesn't that just sound tasty? I was considering making some cornbread, but I think I'll be good tonight and just have a spinich and romaine salad with my beans.
Okay - first check this out:

Dude, give it up! You hit the motherload four times and the last time you came up empty. Dontcha think it is time to look elsewhere for your next bit score? That well has been tapped!
My Yahoo Launchcast keeps playing this group called Llama - I have never heard of them. They aren't anything special, in my opinion, but I have to wonder why they keep popping up. I think maybe the record companies are paying Yahoo to drop these selctions every now and then. Maybe I should just go to the website of the local classic rock station (Rock 92.3 for you locals) and listen to their streaming webcast since they now have that capability. Than I won't have to worry about stray Llamas on my computer...
Number, numbers everywhere on my screen... Time for the Quarterly Reports and I am waiting for data that should have been here two days ago. Grrrr! They are keeping me from doing what needs to get done... Well, at least I have my LJ diversion and email. They keep me from playing Spider Solitare, and that can be just as addictive.

It's Hell!

Jul. 19th, 2005 02:54 pm
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We watched Hell's Kitchen last night. It was the only thing on TV that I was willing to put my HP book down for.

All I can say is, "Why Elsie?! Why didn't you say 'No' when he asked you if you felt you had the team's support?!" One minute she is crying and saying thatthey weren't saying one word to her, ignoring her, letting her twist in the wind and when he asked her if she felt she had her team's support she said 'yes' which was a friggin lie! I know she wanted to go home, I know she was frustrated, but I wish she would have been honest with Ramsey and said no instead of yes.

Okay... No I officially hate the remaining contestants... I wanted Elsie to win and I think Gordon Ramsey wanted the same thing, but he had to go off of what Elsie said and that was it.

Nuff said, I have a conference call to get on now.
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Well, I got a call this morning around 10:30am and they matched my offer. I have a new position as Quality Analyst for American Express.

To celebrate, I am making a cake! (Check out the recipe here,,FOOD_9936_30296,00.html - I am making it without the booze)


May. 12th, 2005 03:56 pm
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Seeing as how it is my day off, I was feeling domestic today. I put a pot roast in the crockpot with some veggies and herbs, and after watching the 'Muffin Man' episode of Good Eats (all praise to Alton Brown) I decided to make homemade blueberry muffins. I altered the recipe slightly and exchanged half of the sugar with Splenda and they turned out great. Nummers! Mindy, who normally avoids blueberries, must have thought they were tasty as well since she took the remaining muffins to work today.
On Tuesday I had feedback with one of the folks I interviewed with for that training position. I am glad I scheduled the feedback session because it exceeded my expectations and shed some light on why I wasn't selected to continue on in the interview process. I was told they were extremely impressed with my interview and the only reason I didn't move on was that they were looking for folks who were skilled in multiple systems (whereas with me I am only skilled in one - which means my lack of tenure/experience with Amex). I guess I thought maybe my interview was flawed and now I know it wasn't. In light of that, I at least know they are more aware of me and what I have to offer, and I think if I apply for a coaching position I will be on that short list for those being considered. But in the interest of getting my name out there and honing my interview skills even further I have applied for a couple more jobs that may be potewntial fits for me.
We're going to visit the Greek Festival this weekend in Winston-Salem. Any of you locals may want to pay a visit if you want some VERY authentic Greek Cuisine. It only comes around once a year and it is something I look forward to each time it comes around. After all, nothing says lovin like a nice Souvlaki, Gyro and Loukamades.
I had another chat with my Uncle this week. I know he enjoys our chats since it breaks the routine of the day, but I think he also enjoys that he is the only person in my family that I talk to back in SoCal. It makes him special.
For some reason I just seem to have so little to write about today and yet I feel like there is so much more to be said. I guess I'll have to get my head organized so I can figure out this need to write without any inspiration. Considering I need to be at work in about four hours, I guess a short nap is in order. Take care everyone, and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
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