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Oh, I forgot to note - I settled my lawsuit out of court Monday evening.
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I hate it when people tell you they are going to do something for you, but than take their sweet time fulfilling their promises. Lemme explain:

I asked some people to write me witness statements for my court case next week, so I won't have to have a bunch of witnesses in court. I asked these folks at the beginning of last week, and told them I would like to have their statements by the end of last week. They all said, "No problem!" Did I get anything by the end of the week? Nope.

So, now I am trying to get a hold of these folks this week, and trying to do it so I don't seem like I am being a pest (since they don't have to do anything if they don't want to, but I need their statements to help make my case). Maybe I am judging others by my own personal standards? I mean, if I promise something to someone, I do it, and if I am delayed I try to let them know why and see if an alternate timeframe would work best for them. This is something I developed due to my work history and career needs, which I have used in my personal non-work environment. A personal guideline that works in professional and personal forums.

I guess it's time to get on the phone and see if I can successfully extract some written statements from these folks...



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