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I forgot to mention that I weighed in at weight watchers last night and lost 7.6 pounds this past week! I think it had a lot to do with all the going up and down the stairs, carrying heavy stuff to the garage, and eating a shitload of salad! I swear, I am getting to the point where I want a salad at lunch AND dinner!
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You would think that after having two days to finish my home improvement project I would have finished it - but no. Saturday morning and evening I grouted the tile - and took a break in between to attend the Angels versus Rangers game at Edison Field. The game was pretty entertaining and the Angels won 8 to 6. I even bought a hat! The hot dogs and nachos smelled tempting - but I am committed to my weight goals, so I passed. I did have a handful of peanuts though - no cracker jacks. Back to my tile work... Read more... )
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Yesterday was a mess! I had to go to the jewelry store to pick up my wife's wedding ring (her engagement ring and wedding band came apart). I was a few blocks away from another destination where I was supposed to pick up a cat tree for the recently neutered Spike, but my wife wanted me to go to a weight watchers meeting with her. Tried as I did, I could not convince her of the logic in my going to the meeting separately. She figured the other party who was meeting me could just as easily wait an extra hour.


I ended up going home, and the woman I was supposed to meet called me. It would be an inconvenience for her to wait. So if I wanted a free cat tree, I had to meet her there ASAP. So I drove back out there - in the SoCal rush hour traffic - and what would have normally taken ten minutes was forty five. But I got the cat tree. The price was right.

And I made it to the meeting with about fifteen minutes to spare - and lost three pounds! Woo Hoo!
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Many of my friends who have known me for a substantial period of time know that I have always been a big guy. Now, when I say big I mean it in the nicest sense of the word (and literall sense as well). I have a big personality, large stature, circumference, height, attitude - it all comes with the package. Over the years I have been saddled with a label that I have grown to despise (yet accept): Big Mike. Let me use it in an example of a conversation between a friend and their spouse:

"Who's that on the phone?"
"It's Mike."
"Mike who?
"You know, Big Mike!"
"Oh! Tell him I said Hello."

Riveting dialog, isn't it? Anyway, after years of being referred to as 'Big Mike' and the addition of being diagnosed as a diabetic a couple months ago I have instituted a bunch of lifestyle changes. Some of the more notable ones include no more drinking soda like it's the elixer of life, more salads before meals, more physical activity, etc. Since instituting these changes, I have noticed my pants getting very loose - to the point that my belts are also too loose and I have to add notches (I am too cheap to buy a new belt just yet). All of this has culminated in going to a Weight Watchers meeting last night with my wife. I guess we get to pay them $10 weekly to use their scale. The nice thing about it was that I weighed a lot less than I thought I would on the initial weigh in... About 50 Lbs lighter actually... Which was a nice ego boost, and quite motivating to say the least.

So, I am supposed to list some of the 'weight related outcomes' that I want to achieve. These are supposed to motivate me further to stick with the program. Considering that I have always been a 'big' guy I think these may sound a bit simplistic, but to be honest I would like to do the following eight things:

1) Purchase an item of clothing with only one 'X' in front the the word 'Large'.
2) Buy a nice suit and wear it without breaking out in a sweat.
3) Ride every single roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
4) Go horse back riding and not feel I am commiting cruelty to animals.
5) Catch a pretty woman (other than my wife) in the process of checking out my ass.
6) Sit in 'Coach' on an airplane and not be uncomfortable, or use the seatbelt extension.
7) Go to my next high school reunion and have NOBODY know who I am.
8) Get seated in a reastaurant without the hostess asking "Would you prefer a table?"


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