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I woke up between 2:00am and 3:00am because Dixie wanted to go outside to do a little business. When I looked outside it was chilly and clear as a bell. After going back to bed and debating on getting up when the alarm went off around 6:00-ish, I followed my usual routine and hopped into the shower (yeah ladies, I know you didn't need that visual in your head and I apologize for the therapy bill that is coming) and proceeded to get ready for my day. Afterward, when I turned on the news, they were showing images of SNOW?! I took a gander outside and sure enough, we had been dusted with snow. Cool! I promptly made a snowball and stuck it in the freezer for Emily to play with later as I am sure it won't last through the entire day.
Mindy had ordered some new maternity clothes from JC Penney and they arrived yesterday. So of course Emily had to open up the bag/box that arrived. She started handing Mindy new shirts and new pants and pulled them out of their respective shipping bags for Mindy to try them on. We had an impromptu fashion show, and Emily pulled out a purple-ish colored shirt and exclaimed ever so clearly, "Purple is my favorite color Daddy!" Such a striking contrast to the recorded files I have of her as a baby laughing and babbling. It made me a bit nostalgic for the days when I could hold her in the crook of one arm, my tiny bundle of joy, and now here she is expressing herself and her individual desires and likes with a vocabulary that I dare say is advanced for her age.
More MP3 loading occurred last night. I am up to 1,843 songs. I added my entire No Doubt library (including their earlier stuff before they really hit it big), Sting, John Mayer, Paul McCartney & Wings, Sublime, and other stuff. Still have over 13 Gigs available. I am gonna have to look into Podcasts! (Recommendations are welcome)
I almost got into a wreck this morning. (Notice the order of importance where this part of the post is when compared to Snow, Mindy's Clothes and MP3 Player. Yeah. LOL!) I was crossing a bridge to get onto the freeway and saw brake lights and when I was hitting my own break the rear of the truck started to fishtail. I started to compensate and noticed traffic heading my way on the other (left) side of the road and no place to turn to on the right of me and the truck was still moving forward on the ice. The rear of a big rig was coming closer and closer as the truck continued to slide and I literally felt myself willing the truck to stock before I collided. And it stopped. Okay, so I may not have Superman powers, but perhaps my latent mutant abilities are manifesting themselves in the form of telekinesis! (It's about damn time! Now I need a costume)
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Mindy had to go to the bathroom and made a beeline to it with Emily hot on her trail (she has been quite clingy to her mommy lately). As she walks into the bedroom she happens upon an open door with Mindy sitting on the throne.

Emily: "Mommy, you going pee pee on the potty?"
Mindy: "Yes baby, Mommy is going pee pee on the potty."
Emily: "YEAH!" *hands clapping with wild abandon*

So, now I am sure Mindy's potty training is going well, and I have Emily to thank for the positive reinforcement.
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Not that I am fishing for compliments, but I thought I would share the photos we had done this weekend for Valentine's Day!

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It amazes me how much she has changed from just a year ago when we had similar photos taken. At least this year, she has more hair! (Unlike me, who has less than a year ago)
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Emily was fresh out of the tub, her hair combed, in her new jammies she received from her Nana for Christmas. So what was I to do? That's right, TAKE PHOTOS! You know you wanna see them...

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*Yawn* I know, I am up early...

Christmas has come and gone and left a pile of spent wrapping paper and cardboard boxes in its wake. The recycling truck is going to love us this week!

Emily had a wonderful Christmas morning, after fighting the need to fall asleep on Christmas Eve (she didn't give in until 10 pm). After we finally got her into her bed, Santa's elves went to work wrapping up her presents and putting them under the tree. One elf in particular, who shall remain nameless, put together her Princess Table & Chairs and her new Baby Buggy (which were both surprisingly easy to assemble). Fortunately for me, I only had two presents remaining that needed wrapping for Mindy, so was able to hide in the bedroom and watch a Christmas Movie on Comedy Central... Who knew that Jackass: The Movie would be playing? Uncut, and uncensored?! Oh yeah, that puts ya in the Christmas spirit! We both were able to go to bed around 2-ish.

Emily let us sleep until a little after 8 in the morning. According to my MIL as each Christmas arrives, we'll be staying up later and later, and Emily will be getting up earlier and earlier. I hate to admit it, but she is probably right. Well, as we came out into the living room Emily walked in and exclaimed, "*GASP!* PRESENTS!" Uh huh, way to send themessage of Christmas to my child... (j/k) So she walked right past the table, right past the buggy, and went straight to the package of dog cookies for Dixie. "No no Emily, come look at these things... These are for you!" She jumped right in and started opening up her gifts like a champ. Mindy and I realized that we may have had too many gifts under the tree because eventually she stopped opening gifts and wanted to play with her bath-tub crayons, and we had to explain that those were for bath-time, so she couldn't play with them just yet. She didn't really like my logic, but she lived with it. Now, what Christmas post wouldn't be complete without some photos?

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Dinner turned out great! Cooking by temp, as opposed to time, is the way to go thank to the bitchin Alton Brown inspired digital thermometer we bought the day after Thanksgiving. I started the roast on high temp for one hour, turned it down low, and waited for the timer to go off. It was PERFECT! Even Mindy commented on how tasty, juicy and tender the roast turned out. Emily, who is sometimes my worst critic, ate a bunch, and I even made a plate for Dixie, complete with Au Jus gravy...

I'll write about my specific gifts a little later. I'm gonna go back to bed.
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Last night Emily and i were playing. She has gotten into a new kick, doing Ring-Around-The Rosies, and loves the 'We All Fall Down' part. So we were doing that and I decided to put her on the couch and let her fall down on the cushions. She was enjoying that immensly. So to be funny, I got on my knees and we started tickling her feet. She said, "Stop!" and kicked me in the nose.

With the weather changing, things were a little dry in Nasal Country, and her little kick struck crimson as I felt blood starting to work its way. I rushed to the bathroom with my hand over my face, and Emily was tailing me. As blood dripped into the bathroom sink, Mindy asked what happened, and Emily looked on with this look of concern on her face. "Tell her you're not mad at her honey," Mindy cautioned. I wasn't mad, I should have put my nose within striking distance, but I realized that it was the first time Emily had seen blood. I told her not to worry.

When the blood stopped flowing I went to her, "See sweetie, Daddy's okay. It was an accident. Can I have a kiss?"


Go figure, all the kisses for her boo-boo's and I get denied. Such is the way of life when you are the Daddy.
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Emily has been entertaining as of late...

For starters, at dinner she was eating her spinich in her salad leaf by leaf and putting the stems on my plate. For some reason, she doesn't like the stems. I told her they were good for her because they had fiber, to which she replied, "Fiber." Yes, I have a two year old who is now concerned about her fiber intake. :)

I guess she didn't like the rice and chicken we served her, and most of it ended up on the floor. There is a reason why Dixie's nickname is 'Hoover'. She is like a vacuum when it comes to food on the floor.

At bath time she decided that she wanted to clap her hands in the running water, which caused more water to get on me than in the tub. She laughed about it. She does enjoy her bath time. The other day Dixie had gone into the bathroom and leaned up against the tub and she told her to take her own bath.
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Yesterday afternnon, after Emily and I returned from the park, I was watching Sister Act II: Back in the Habit. The one reason I enjoy watching that movie is you can hear a young Lauren Hill sing (pre-Fugees) - that girl has a voice! So it was during the scene where the choir first sings in front of the school (singing 'Oh Happy Day') and Emily jumps into a dance that made me giggle like nothing else. It was like a cross between Barney & Friends meets Martha Graham! The finale came around, where the choir sings 'Joyful, Joyful', and she dove right into her dance yet again. It was entertaining to say the least... But saying the most, it was damned cute!
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First thing, before I dive into my recap of my weekend - Why are we making movies about 9/11? Nic Cage is starring in one, I read that they are going to make one about Flight 93 (the plane where the passengers fought back) and I just think it is waaaay too soon! I mean, I think we are still raw about this topic on many levels. Case in point - MSN put up a timeline of events on 9/11, but as soon as the day ended all video links ceased to work because they pulled down the content - but they left the timeline up. Why can't Hollywood allow us to put a little more distance between the event and their film efforts? Oh, I guess four years counts as distance, but I think they could have a little more respect to the families of those who perished. Let's say a DECADE?! At a minimum? Okay, that's enought of that.
Saturday Morning: 9/10, 08:00am - I awaken to the sounds of my two year old singing 'Happy Birthday to Me' and it makes me smile. We rushed about, getting ready for the party and head out the door to go to Sam's Club. For the record, when I buy a cake I go to Costco. They make great cakes - but they don't make cupcakes. Sam's Club (and Walmart for that matter) make crappy cakes because they use frozen sheet cake and it tastes like BLECH but Sam's does make cupcakes. And they make them fresh (especially when you order them special). Mindy ordered them for pick-up at 10:30am and they looked fresh and smelled GREAT! Once we picked them up we headed over to the mall. I had my hands full with a box of cupcakes and goodie bags for the kids. We dropped them off at Build-A-Bear and headed over to the carousel to eyeball the table situation. While we there, our friend Mary showed up with her granddaughter. Now Mary is a journal entry of her own, so I won't go into details right here right now, but she is such a sweetheart.
We headed over to Build-A-Bear and I waited out front to spot folks coming to the party. In all we had about eight kids total, so they got started by picking out their bears (they had a choice between two different bears) and marching over to the stuffing machine. After that they had a little heart stuffing ceremony with the kids sticking multiple hearts into Emily's Birthday Bear. Then they all got sewn up and the shopping for accessories began. Emily got a pink princess t-shirt for her bear (how appropriate). All the parent picked up the tab for any accessories, and in the end with all the bears and Emily's accessories we paid $97, which I am thinking would be about the same at Chuck-E-Cheese except the food is included with their party. I think it was fun for the kids, but Emily got a little shy and clingy - there were lots of people in the shop so she might have felt a little overwhelmed.
After the Bear experience we walked over to the Carousel and had cupcakes with the kids. Slowly the guests began to leave one at a time, and once we were down to the last one Mindy realized she forgot to give out the goodie-bags. Uh oh! So this morning I dropped off the bags to Emily's school friends and deposited bags on the desks of my colleagues who attended with their kids. In all, everyone seemed to have a good time. I think in the future I would recommend that if you want to do Build-A-Bear, make sure your kids can handle the experience.
Yesterday I took Emily to the park while Mindy was doing stuff in the kitchen. Here in Kernersville they had closed down the park closest to us, Fourth of July Park, in order to renovate it a bit. Well, they have since opened it again so that is where we went. I have to say, I think they did a great job! There is a skate park for the older kids, and that was getting plenty of use while we were there. The playground was perfect! They had a smaller set for the little ones, which Emily enjoyed, and a HUGE play set for the school age children that was swarming with kids. There is a basketball court, tennis courts, and nature trails that we enjoyed as we walked by a creek. Daddy & Daughter time at the park was a joy, and I know Mommy will want to tag along the next time we go so she can enjoyed our renovated park.
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My baby girl is going to be two years old tomorrow. Wasn't it just yesterday that I could cradle her with one arm, and she could just about fit in one hand? (Okay, maybe she wasn't that small, but 5 lbs 9 oz seems that way). I look back and I wonder what happened to my little miracle?


I love my toddler, but I also miss my baby.

Tomorrow officially begins the Terrible Twos!!
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Just an FYI... I uploaded some more of the new photos of Emily.  Go Here to See Them!!
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Yesterday Mindy and her Mom took Emily for a photo session...  Wanna see?

For the record - the motorcycle photos are for my Dad (he is a regular Biker type of guy - he has four Harleys).

More will be added later when I have time to crop and upload.


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I finally broke down and did some yardwork this weekend. The front was done by Friday evening and looks great. I managed to mow, trim, weed the font planter area and blow away the grass clippings. I started in the back but that didn't get done until Saturday when I borrowed the neighbors riding mower and went to town. If anyone notices the decrease in oxygen levels it is because I clear cut the miniature Amazon forest in my backyard. I need to put down some bug killer back there though... As I was riding and mowing I could see a mass exodus of bugs, flying and jumping this way and that, as they attempted to flee the mass destruction I was leaving in my wake. If I can see them that clearly, perhaps I need to do some bio-maintenance back there and decrease the surplus population.

I also did some work inside in anticipation of my MIL and Mindy's niece flying out on Wednesday. Still have a few more thinsg that I need to do before they get here, so I'll be sure to finish that up before I go to bed on Tuesday evening. There is no rest for the wicked!

Emily was a bit crabby this weekend. She wasn't her usual cheerful self at her friend's birthday party, but she has managed to say the words all parents dread - (long dramatic pause) 'Chuck E. Cheese' - and all I can say is that if you can avoid the place, do it. To call it organized chaos is a lie - it is just utter chaos in there. Kids running around like little heathens and a small percentage of parents who just don't give a rats behind what said heathens are doing the whole time they are there. It brings to mind a bumper sticker I saw recently, "What is the solution to out of control children? It's Aparent!" Personally, I couldn't agree more and because of that I can forgive the G-Dub sticker on the other side of the bumper.

So next weekend we'll be at the beach. I guess I am looking forward to the trip just so I can finally say I have seen the Atlantic Ocean. I'll be sure to write about that little trip next week. In the meantime, it is time to get back to work.
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She has made landfall right here in Kernersville North Carolina!

Yep, my living room is a mess and toys have blown from one end of the room to the other. I wonder if I can get FEMA to come out here and help me with the clean up?!
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Twice in a week? Don't freak out...

Well we had a nice little downpour today. Thanks to Tropical Storm Cindy I don't have to water the lawn this weekend! It's a good thing I mowed in the backyard this morning, otherwise I could only imagine the jungle I would have to face over the next few days. I do think I will lay down some bug killer though... As I was driving the (borrowed) lawn tractor I could see bugs of all shapes and sizes fleeing from the coming onslaught of the mower blades, so perhaps I should do them all a favor and send them on to Valhalla. (For those of you non-warrior folks, that is the great hall where all warriors go after they die. Be sure you know the Riddle of Steel so you can gain entrance)

Speaking of tropical storms and hurricanes I came up with a great idea! Since hearing of Cindy I was struck with the idea that maybe one year they can do a brady bunch themed naming for all the storms and such! Or, if we don;t have enough names with the right letters - a TV Theme! We need a name for each letter of the alphabet and it has to alternate between male and female for each letter. Is anyone up to the challenge?

I am slowly moving back into daylight mode. I am very certain I will have this weekend off in it's entirety (including tomorrow night) so I will have plenty of time to get used to waking up in the morning and going to bed at a reasonable hour. This will also make sticking to my diet a lot easier since I won't be working those funky hours and I'll have Mindy there to keep me focussed. After all, if I am going to have to travel now and then for the job, I would much rather be comfy flying in economy class than crammed into a full flight and taking up more room than I should.

I have been meaning to call my former boss/mentor/friend Jean Troy since she retired last month. I wanted to share the good news about my promotion. I think I will make a point to do so tomorrow. Than again, I need to make a couple phone calls, mostly bill related and what-not, but I figure if I make a list of places and people that need to be called I will be more likely to follow through and get it done.

Okay, now onto something that needs observance - London Bombings. I don't know who did it but I am sure we'll know soon enough - I just wish the media wouldn;t be so quick to throw out names and suspicions because I feel that is irresponsible journalism (if you can call talking heads journalists). I hope those who were injured recover quickly, I hope the families of those killed will remember their loved ones with love, and I hope the bastards who did it rot in hell.

Okay, one last thing, something funny, to end this entry on a bright note! The other day when I was in the bathroom I happened to let pass a little gas... Okay, maybe not a little, and maybe a little louder than I was expecting. Anyway, Emily was nearby and she said, "Daddy Poop!" The next thing I know, she walks up to me and starts checking my shorts!! Is nothing of mine to be private anymore? Now my underpants are open season for her to check!!

Okay, that's all for now... Night all!!
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This weekend was marked by two interesting occurances.

First, the dog decided she wanted to take a shower. Mindy had come into the bathroom with Dixie on her heels. When Mindy left, Dixie stayed. So I opened up the shower door to tell her to move on out of the bathroom I was a tad surprised when she walked right into the shower, and promptly sat down! This dog, who hates taking a bath, wanted to take a shower!! So I figured what they heck and got out her shampoo and scrubbed her up in the shower.

Secondly, the very same morning while I was also in the shower and Mindy was paying a visit to the throne there was the sudden realization there was no toilet paper. Emily walked in and the next thing I hear from the other side of the glass shower door is Mindy asking Emily to go and get her some toilet paper from the other room. I told her to tell her it is where her potty is. A couple minutes went by and the next thing I hear is Mindy applauding Emily - it turns out she went into the other bathroom and grabbed the nearest roll and brought it back in a hurry. I tell ya, the girl is smart!
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So last night while working my overtime I got this guy on the phone. He called in to cancel his card, in which he was the primary card holder and his mother was an additional card holder on the account. The reason he wanted to cancel? His mother didn't like the way the bill showed charges and the minimum due. I offered to switch him over to a card that gave a more straight-forward billing and he declined and put his mother on the phone, whom I got to listen to for I don't know how long while she griped that she was tired and had no energy to deal with our credit card or trying to talk us about helping her understand the billing. Bottom line - Mommy pays the bills and Junior does what Mommy says. Call me crazy, but if you are man enough to have your own card shouldn't you be man enough to pay your own bill? Just my opinion... What was even sadder to me was that they lived in the area where I grew up. It just makes NC feel that much more like home.
(This part is for [ profile] amethystfate, as promised, but everyone is welcome to enjoy it) Emily has been super cute as of late. She has taken to eating baby carrots, fresh out of the fridge. Mindy enjoys the sounds of her crunching away as she bites off little pieces. Also, she has identified the little lint box I keep in the laundry closet with the words 'no, no, no' so whenever she goes next to it to try and grab the lint I stick in there she'll say 'no, no, no' as she goes for it. I find it cute as well, but I can't let on that I do since she'll just keep doing it.
I am awaiting word on whether or not my Nephew will be coming out for the a couple weeks this summer. I had wanted to buy his airling ticket, but money is tight at the moment. Also, I can't book him a ticket online since they won't book for unaccompanied minors and his mother needs to sign something for the airline to allow him to travel without her. We had a nice discussion and now it just a waiting game for me to see if she can get him a ticket. I do hope he'll be able to come, and perhaps spend Independence Day with us here in NC. This state just seems to do it right when it comes to a display of patriotism and community spirit.
Lawn work will be postponed today due to weather, so my list of things to do has been adjusted accordingly. :-)


May. 27th, 2005 12:02 pm
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Having not really watched this season of American Idol I took on the stance that it is a farce in many respects. From what I saw of the contestants I felt like there really wasn't any one of them that I would enjoy buying a CD from. It struck me that this year, for some reason, they would have picked out the winner from the outset and that the results would be rigged. When it was down to about 6 left, I picked Carrie as the clear cut contender. My reasoning? She would appeal to young girls, males and she has crossover potential as someone who has country influences. Essentially, she would appeal to the our new national right leaning segment of the country. At least, that is what I said to myself, and even to a few co-workers who swore up and down that Bo would be the clear cut winner, followed by a lunch bet. Guess that means they owe me some lunch.
Finally saw Star Wars with Mindy last night. Very moving ending, the best light saber battle ever captured on (digital) film, and some disappointment. I was hoping we would catch a glimpse of a ghostly Qui-Gon. Ewan McGregor must have been channeling the spirit of Alec Guiness because I thought he was dead on in his reprised role of Obi-Wan. My only gripe - I felt like the acting, particularly the acting by our doomed Sith Apprentice, left a little to be desired. But at least the circle is now complete, and all there is left to do is wait for the DVD.
I didn't work overtime this week, but I think I am going to schedule some next week. I really can use the money. I want to pay off one of these cards before the end of the year.
The other day when I went and picked up Emily from school I took a detour through the drive-thru at Mrs. Winners chicken and picked up a couple biscuits. Now, before you think the wrong thing, I turned the truck around and we drove to a parking lot next to a Doctor's Office where the sat two families of Canadian Geese. Emily and I got out of the truck and took the biscuits and crumble them up and started throwing the crumbs to the geese. They each had a set of babies, one set of which was further developed than the others, but Emily was fascinated by them. She even tried to say 'geese' which sounded more like 'geesh', but at least she was picking up on what they were and repeated the word for Mindy later in the evening.
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We received an invite to a wedding for Mindy's cousin who is presently residing in Charlotte. It is in Hawaii, and will happen in May of next year. In the interest of being comfortable on an airplane I am seriously examining what I eat and trying to be good. This week I have switched over to A LOT of veggies and salad, smaller portions of protein, and I have steered clear of bread and potatos (with a small serving now and them). Just these small changes seem to be having an affect because I stepped on the scale for the first time in months and I actually weigh under 400 lbs. Go me! I figure once I have shaved off an additional 10 lbs I am going to work up and exercise routine, mostly a lot of walking mixed with some dumbbell work and routines I have found reasonable in Men's Health magazine. Fortunately for me I have great legs already, so I think I'll try to bulk those up a bit and with the extra muscle mass I'll be able to burn calories more effectively. I may never be a skinny guy like my buddy Jeffe, but hey, at least I'll be healthier and can change the adjective I use for myself from 'obese' to 'husky'.
Emily has now added the words 'Hot Dog' and 'Pink' to her vocabulary. Pink was revealed this morning when getting her dressed and Mindy offered her a blue outfit or a pink one to wear and she said, "Pink!" Mindy was quite pleased...
Some former neighbors of ours who had moved to Georgia came up to NC to visit. The wife is pregnant and Mindy's hairdresser, who lives three houses over, had mentioned they were going to throw her a baby shower when she came and that she would let her know when they would be coming up. Well we spotted them over there Saturday afternoon and again this afternoon. Nobody had notified us there were coming, no invite to the shower (if it was held), and no drop by to our home by the visiting couple. Mindy was a little hurt, and while I don't feel hurt or anything I just think it is rude for someone to make mention of a visit and not follow through on a promise to invite you to a party (once again, if it was held). Some people just lack good manners and appear to be less of a neighbor and more like people who live in close proximity. Mindy is considering changing hair dressers, and I don't blame her.
Work this week is ending on a high note as I am at about 100% productivity for the day and 200% for the week. If I had worked on friday I have a feeling I would have sold OVER 60... But I didn't. I took the day off. I think this week I may schedule myself for some overtime, just to see if I can hit the 60 mark. Plus, the extra money would go a long way.
I have some other stuff I want to write about, but I am gonna make that one a friends only post in the near future.
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I must apologize to all of you for being so lax in my updates. This week has proven to be productive, entertaining and a bit of a challenge in many different respects. Anyway - on with the update!
Last week at work I finished the week well over 100% productivity, and this week is on par to beat last week! On monday alone I had twenty sales, over 200% productivity, and I just seemed to be in the zone. Needless to say my Team Leader has been very happy as I am anchoring the entire team with my solid performance. Because of that, I scored me a free George Foreman Grill which I put to use for the first time last night. Mmmmmm... Success is TASTY!

On the entertaining side of work, I talked with a customer the other day who was named Mr. Knight (who also happened to be one of my sales). In our conversation we got on the topic of people making jokes about his name. "Oh yeah, I have been called Knight in Shining Armor, The White Knight, Knight Rider, etc. and am used to it." I countered, "Well, if you and your wife ever have kids and I have a great name if one is a boy." "Lemme guess, Michael?" "No, that is too obvious. I'd suggest that you name him Jed and give him a middle name that starts with an I, like Issac!" He had to think about it for a bit... Jed I. Knight! Get it!!
Yesterday while getting ready to give Emily her bath I took off her clothes and diaper and started filling the tub. She went over to her potty, sat down, and pee'd. Funny thing, I never thought I would find that as exciting as I did... Needless to say, I clapped and praised her like I was at a Kiss Concert, which she loved!
I have dishes running in the dishwasher and clothes in the dryer. Just call me Mr. Mom!


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