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Last night while watching the news a commercial came on for NC Unclaimed Property which is similar to a website they have in California. On a whim, I check to see if either state had anything in my name (Nope), and I started searching for family and friends. Well, my mom's name came up on three items. I debated on whether to bring it to her attention, since I doubt she even knows that the website exists. I had sent her an email not long after her dad died, detailing why we have issues and why i feel the way I do and why I don't stay in contact anymore (if you want those details, you'll have to go back into the early portions of the journal and many of them are now friends only - like this entry). Anyway, I figured money is money and if someone found my money I would want them to tell me about it. So I blind emailed a link, nothing else. Let me preface this with the fact that a couple weeks ago, while sending out picture postcards of Emily sitting with Santa, I decided to be nice and include her on the list of recipiants. This is the reply I got back:

It didn't show me anything under my name. Thank you for thinking of me.

Also, please don't neglect to send pictures of Emily. I look forward to seeing her. She is so very beautiful. Thank you for sending them. I want you to know how much I really appreciate seeing her. She looks just like you. I know you are proud of her. Your grandmother says she is so very, very, smart. Talks all the time. I'll bet she's looking forward to Santa coming. Hope you have a "white Christmas".

Have a Merry Christmas.

Now, I am not going to complain about it. Compliment my daughter all day, and I'll let you do it because she is very beautiful and extremely smart and I won;t argue about that. (Yeah, I know, I am biased) What I did do is reply back to her and ask why can't she take the time to write stuff like that instead of forwarding me jokes and chain mail that I never read because I never read those? Or else why not respond to the detailed email I had sent her months and months ago instead of just saying nothing?

Sometimes, I just have to wonder... Is it worth it? Oh well, at least me and my Dad get along...
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Does anyone else read 'For Better or For Worse' in the comics pages of your local newspaper? I have it set on My Yahoo! and read it everyday. Anyway, I am very concerned about Elzabeth - she has this stalker guy at work and in today's strip she is alone with him and he has taken on a threatening posture... I doubt he'll rape her (after all, this is the comics page we are talking about) but I am on the edge of my seat hoping everything works out and that she won't be hurt. (Geez, listen to me go on about a COMIC STRIP!!)
The MIL and Mindy's Niece will be here in a little more than six hours. Commence Panic!
I finally got my corporate card and ordered my new cell phone with accesories and hopefully will have them in the next couple days. Funny thing about the card, they sent the original on 7/25 and I called to have a replacement sent on Friday. I had the replacement in hand on Monday afternoon, and right after I activated it I went to talk with our Admin when the mail guy walks up to her and asks, "Uh, is there a Michael Barnes here?" After a quick chuckle I fessed up that I was the man he was looking for, and he hands me the original card that has been floating around for two weeks inside the building. Talk about ironic!
No new news about my nephew. I guess I will have to call his social worker and see why I haven't heard from him yet, since she was supposed to visit him and let him call my grandmother as well as myself.
Anyone like the 30 Second Bunny Troupe over at ?? They have a bunch of new 30 second movies that will be premiering on Starz - including Star Wars! Gotta love them bunnies! That and squirrels.... As in Foamy the Squirrel over at - I tell ya, that rodent speaks TRUTH!!


Jul. 6th, 2005 11:53 am
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Once again I have been quite lax in my journaling, but this week has been pretty busy with the news of the promotion and the holiday weekend. But I have lots to write about, so I'll just get down to it.

Firstly, with my new promotion I have been counting days left on the phones. I promised my leader Eddie that I would still give 130% as always, to which he replied that historically people get a bit lazy when they are transition. At least my last days have been productive, and I have hit my sales goals, but I am planning on taking Friday and Sunday off so I can get re-oriented to a daytime schedule again.

Over the weekend we did yard work in from of the house. We planted two toned marigolds in the very front by the mailbox, and petunias (I think) in the front plater/retaining wall next to the house. After that I laid out fresh black mulch and everything looks VERY nice. Today I mowed and edged, and now the front of the house looks beautiful! All I have to do is work in the backyard tomorrow and my outdoor chores will be done for at least two weeks. I figure once more outside before my mother-in-law comes out to visit with Mindy's niece and everything will be perfect.

Speaking of the pending visit from the in-laws, we are more than likely going to head out to the coast for an extended weekend in August and take in one of the Aquariums in the Outer Banks/Wilmington area. Finally, after being here almost three years, I will get to see the Atlantic Ocean. I am sure I will hate it just as much as I hated the Pacific (if only because I hate getting sand all over me and carrying it back home inside all of my stuff). Still, it has been almost two years since I have seen a beach (the last time was the Gulf of Mexico in Clearwater Florida on a business trip with AT&T Wireless), so I will make the best of it and simply enjoy the time with Mindy and Emily.

My Grandmother recently had knee surgery but seems to be recovering well from what she has said. She said her heart had failed while on the operating table. While she is fine now, I was very concerned. I love my Grandmother as much as I love my wife and daughter, she has been a very important influence in my life and I would have been heartbroken if something had happened to her. Yes, I know people eventually die, but I am not ready for her to go just yet. I am certain I would miss her the most out of all her grandkids, well maybe it'll be a tie between me and my nephew Christopher, but only time can prove that and I am in no hurry to test that theory.

There is much more I could write right now, but I think I am gonna hop in the shower, especially when I think about the fact that I just finished mowing the lawn and I am eager to wash off the outdoors that I have tracked indoors with me. So with that, I hope everyone has a great day and thanks for all the positive energy that was thrown my way this past week - I do appreciate it!

*A quick note to someone who is lurking out there* I know you are still reading... That is all...


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