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After coming into work on Saturday to finish my reports, my weekend consisted of Sunday and Monday - and I had no idea that Monday was Columbus Day. Go figure... Read more... )
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Well, this weekend was interesting. I wrote about it earlier this morning, but the entry was lost when I tried to update my journal. Gotta love technology!

Saturday was spent up in Oak Glen, just outside of Indio. It's this huge agricultural and art community where the grow apples and make crafts. We bought some apple cider (good stuff! But it has a lot of sugar, so I have to mix it with water), some winesap apples (we're gonna make apple crisps), and I got some sugar free fudge (very tasty!)

I picked up my nephew on Sunday and we spent the day with him. We took him to brunch and to a movie (Spy Kids II - can you say STOOPID?!).

Over the course of the weekend, while we were out, we had about three folks and their realtors go through our condo. I like that the realtors leave their cards before they leave, so we can keep track of who is showing the place. Our realtor, Rich, came by last night with a written offer! It was lower than we would have liked, so we countered with a higher price. I am not sure where the wheeling and dealing will go, but if they won't come up in their offer price I am sure we'll say, "no thanks."


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