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I am up later than usual. Mindy wasn't feeling well and crashed early, and Emily wanted to be a Mommy's Girl tonight and went to bed with her. The next thing I know I am watching TV, and I get a burst of cleaning energy and picked up the living room and loaded up the dishwasher. Still, it's almost 1:00am, and here I sit typing into my journal. And chatting with a friend back in SoCal. It's all good.

Some friends are in my thoughts this night... I know that any difficulty they are experiencing will be temporary, as they are strong individuals with big hearts. And as always, I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!
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Last night after dinner, while watching the movie Four Brothers (which I did not get to see the end of it - can anyone let me know what happened?), our friend Kristen called in a panic. When she opened her door she noticed some wood splinters and it looked like someone had tried to break into their new apartment, so she was a bit worried to say the least. So we headed over to the apartment so I could check it out (which her fiance' Bert asked her to see if I would come over and check it out).

We dropped off the movie on the way over (it was due by 8:00) and when we got there I inspected the door. I didn't see any pry marks, any indention from a tool, just the splinters which were still attached to the door. The splinters were in between the dead bolt and the door knob, so if someone had tried to break in they must have been pretty stupid. I told her to notify the management that it appears someone tried to jimmy the lock and to ask them for a door knob that has a lock. I also recommended that when Bert comes home that they go to Lowes and get some wooden dowells to put in the windows and in the sliding glass door on the patio, just for her peace of mind.

The bottom line is that if someone wanted to get in there, they can find a way. Since Bert goes out of town on a weekly basis, we have given Kristen an open invite to sleep in our guest room if she ever feels the need. That's what friends are for, right? Now if I can just find out how that movie ended without having to rent it once more...
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Don't you hate it when you have a friend and you want to talk to them, but you can never get a hold of them? It can't be my new cologne, because that just smells awesome! (Reaction by Kenneth Cole)
I must sit down and write out my New Years Resolutions, and the first one is going to be "Keep my New Years Resolutions". I think that is a good start.
My neighbor locked herself out of her house this morning and was able to break in using a credit card. I had never done that before, so does this mean that I have a talent for burglery or did I just get lucky this one time? I am thinking I just got lucky, but you never know - this could be a whole new career path for me!
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Okay, so the weekend is over and I have to say I wish I could have another one! I guess I'll have to wait until Friday again, like I always do, and than I can be supercharged for a nice Saturday/Sunday all over again. *Sigh* It's the waiting that is the hardest part (Nod to Tom Petty).

Friday night it rained! I love the rain. I don't know why, but the sound of rain outside my window does something to me... It kicks in my autumn/winter instincts, and the next thing I know I feel like getting under the blankets and - Hmmm.. Maybe I better not go into details here... My wife reads this journal and it might not be a good idea to throw out too much information... :) Just let your imagination wander, I am sure you'll get the idea!

Saturday we went to Mindy's niece's birthday party. It was at the park... The afternoon after it rained... Believe it or not, the grass wasn't as soaked as I thought it would be. There were a few foilks there who I didn't know, and as of today I still don't know them, but that's okay. Mindy's best friend Pennie and her two girls were there. She has two very sweet little girls - I hope if when Mindy and I have kids that our parenting skills yield such successful results. Anyway, we barbequed chicken breasts that Mindy marinated overnight - they were very tasty! Lemon juice, olive oil, basil, thyme, chopped garlic, and some salt and pepper. I highly recommend that you try it! Later that night we watched the baseball game. We were conflicted about who we wanted to win, because Mindy's company gave oput tickets to see the last game of the series to some of the employees, and the ass-kisser next door had scored a ticket to see the game in their company suite. We really wanted the Angels to win, since we live in SoCal. But if the Giants had won, than the series would have been over and the jerk next door would not have been able to go to the game and brag about it.

Sunday we slept in. As a matter of fact, we totally forgot to turn our clocks back, so when we woke up and the time on the cable box didn't match my alarm clock I was a bit confused. After sorting that out, we read the paper, played with Dixie and Spike, and than we got ready to go over to Pennie's place. When we got there, we carved pumpkins, watched football, and hung out. We walked over to TGI Friday's to watch the baseball game (Man was it crowded!), and ended up walking back to Pennie's not too long afterward. I am not into crowds. Her husband, Ivan, works at Friday's so he got a bunch of food and brought back to the house and we watched the game. During the walk we missed three runs scored by the Angels. What a game! Normally, I am not a big baseball fan, but I really enjoyed the game a lot. I guess they won because the ultimate Ass-Monkey was there, in the company suite, rallying for the team. He he he...

So, that is my weekend in a nutshell. How was yours?
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In the interest of finding new freinds on LJ for me to add to my friends list, I decided to use the random search tool and see where I found myself. With that sais, all I can say to describe the experience is - "SCARY!"

One guy kept writing "I will not end up on the grassy knoll" over and over...

Another looked like some russian chick - and I couldn't read her journal because it was in russian. (granted, not very scary - but maybe she was plotting the come back of communism!)

One was some girl being laid off from her job and the her whole mood was, of course, depressing.

Last, but most certainly not least, was a journal that looked like it was decorated by Satan, and the content read like it was from the bowels of hell...

I think I'll just play it safe and look for friends amongst my current friends... Maybe some of their buddies will prove to be sane, yet interesting, and warrant an add-on to my list.


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