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HP Update

Jul. 19th, 2005 02:20 pm
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I have finished it...

Damn I am depressed.

There better be some serious ass whoopin' in the finale.
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I talked with my brother Eric this week. Technically he is my step-brother, but we never really felt that way about each other. It is always good to hear from him simply because we are family by choice, even after our parent divorced, and I love the fact that he calls me his 'Little Brother'. I find that to be funny since there is nothing little about me.

Harry Potter is for sale after midnight tonight! I think I may stay up and head over to Wal-Mart to pick up a copy like I did two years ago. Of course, back then, we just happened to be at the store and saw that a line was in the beginning stages so I just went and stood in line. I think I was the thrid or fourth person. So the waiting will be over and I'll be able to find out about the 'Half Blood Prince' and all that jazz. I hope we won't have to wait as long as we did this time around for the next book, but only time will tell. Neddless to say, I am steering clear of all book reviews, spoilers and what not so I can enjoy the reading of it for myself.

Work is slowly gearing up to be busier and busier. From the sounds of things I may have to head down to Florida for a couple days in early August. The vendor is located in Miami Lakes, so if any of my buddies happen to live near that area maybe we can get together and meet in person! Other than that I am have been a bit limited as to what I can do since my laptop isn't here yet and the computer I am using doens't like to cooperate. Hopefull this will be resolved next week. So essentially I have been listening in on conference calls, organizing my project data, and getting ready to hit the ground running. Thank goodness it is Friday though, all of this has really been a tas overwhelming (not thaqt I am complaining) and I need to relax for a couple days before diving back into the deep end.

Funny thing about a trip to Florida is that I need to make sure I will be back in time to drive down to the coast with the family. My MIL and Mindy's niece will be arriving on the 10th of August, so if I do have to travel I will only be down in Florida for a couple days (will prbably leave on Monday afternnon and get back Wednesday night or Thurday afternoon) to make sure I get back in time to take our trip to the coast. Mindy is already planning for us to visit the Aquarium, so that should be pretty neat.

Lastly, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory hits theaters today. Man, I wish I could see it! We'll have to check and see if perhaps we can get a babysitter or something. The movie just looks cool, and I want to hear Danny Elfman sing like an Oompa Loompa... (I know, I am amused easily)


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