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I was listening to the radio this morning and they talked about a story centered in Raleigh that just disturbed the hell out of me. Apparently a man and his wife had their 4 month old baby taken away from them for a year and the dad was in jail for six months of that year for a photgraph that had been taken of the dad giving the baby a zerbert on the belly! From what was stated on the radio the mother had taken a photo of the dad doing this while the baby was getting a bath and they took the film to a drug-stor to be developed. The tech who was developing the film saw the photo and reported the couple to the police because they thought the photo was sexual in nature. So the dad gets put in jail, the baby goes to foster care and six months later the release the dad because someone says, "Hey, there is nothing funny going on in this photo." But the child wasn't returned to them for another six months?! All I know is that is it was me, someone is getting sued for for false arrest and disrupting my family unit. Think of everything those parents missed out on in that one year period...

What gets me is that I give Emily zerberts all the time... They make her laugh, and now she likes to do them back because she thinks that is even more fun. All I know is that I'll stick to my digital camera because you never know how stupid the people at the local developer may be.


May. 12th, 2005 03:56 pm
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Seeing as how it is my day off, I was feeling domestic today. I put a pot roast in the crockpot with some veggies and herbs, and after watching the 'Muffin Man' episode of Good Eats (all praise to Alton Brown) I decided to make homemade blueberry muffins. I altered the recipe slightly and exchanged half of the sugar with Splenda and they turned out great. Nummers! Mindy, who normally avoids blueberries, must have thought they were tasty as well since she took the remaining muffins to work today.
On Tuesday I had feedback with one of the folks I interviewed with for that training position. I am glad I scheduled the feedback session because it exceeded my expectations and shed some light on why I wasn't selected to continue on in the interview process. I was told they were extremely impressed with my interview and the only reason I didn't move on was that they were looking for folks who were skilled in multiple systems (whereas with me I am only skilled in one - which means my lack of tenure/experience with Amex). I guess I thought maybe my interview was flawed and now I know it wasn't. In light of that, I at least know they are more aware of me and what I have to offer, and I think if I apply for a coaching position I will be on that short list for those being considered. But in the interest of getting my name out there and honing my interview skills even further I have applied for a couple more jobs that may be potewntial fits for me.
We're going to visit the Greek Festival this weekend in Winston-Salem. Any of you locals may want to pay a visit if you want some VERY authentic Greek Cuisine. It only comes around once a year and it is something I look forward to each time it comes around. After all, nothing says lovin like a nice Souvlaki, Gyro and Loukamades.
I had another chat with my Uncle this week. I know he enjoys our chats since it breaks the routine of the day, but I think he also enjoys that he is the only person in my family that I talk to back in SoCal. It makes him special.
For some reason I just seem to have so little to write about today and yet I feel like there is so much more to be said. I guess I'll have to get my head organized so I can figure out this need to write without any inspiration. Considering I need to be at work in about four hours, I guess a short nap is in order. Take care everyone, and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
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So al lthe fuss in the news about Paula Abdul being on SNL and all she did was make a brief appearance. Fpha! What a waste of my time... Johnny Knoxville however was worth the tivo storage - very funny guy.
Oh, and in other celebrity news - why does 'E' find it necessary to interrupt programming to announce that Jennifer Garner is pregnant? Woop-d-freakin-doo... Once was enought, but four times in the the couse of one hour? Great, now we all know that Ben Afflecks who-ha works! I hope they name the baby Bennifer the III.
The Kernersville Spring Folly was a nice little event. I got a little bit too much sun on my head and have been told I should have worn a hat a number of times by Mindy. The had lots of fair-food and Emily almost ate and entire ear of roasted corn on her own. A brief rundown of the delectible delights:

1) Roasted Turkey Legs - Mmmmmmm... Damn good! They had a nice smokey flavor and were just as good as last year.
2) Roasted Corn - I was a little bummed at the size of the ears - too small. But still tasty.
3) Cheesecake on a Stick - Food on a stick is good, period! Chocolate dipped cheesecake? Even better!
4) Sausage Sandwiches - I think I could have done without this one...
5) Hawaiian Shaved Ice - I felt this was an imposter since it wasn't shaved from a single block of ice.
6) Funnel Cake - I pretty much opted out of this one but had a small sample. I prefer them with berries and whipped cream.

There was much more to be sampled, but I didn't want to look like a pig and stop at every stand. ;) We did managed to purchase some extra turley legs and stick them in a picnic warmer/cooler and enjoyed them for dinner. Quite tasty!
This next weekend will bring us to the Greek Festival in Winston-Salem. Awwwww yeah! Loukamades, Souvlaki and Gyro - Oh my!
I called and chatted with my Team Leader last night to check on my performance for the week (since I had last night off). Turns out my productivty was over 100% for the week - even with only three nights on the phone. I even managed to score over forty sales, so my pay-out will be at 100%. The best part - from 12:00am to 2:30am on saturday, at the end of my shift, I managed 9 sales! Keep in mind, for some folks that is all they get in a 8 hour shift. Needless to say, I am feeling mighty proud. This afternoon I have a feedback session with one of the folks I interviewed with for the Facilitator position. I think it is important that I show them that even though I didn't get the job that I am not one to pout or get pissy. Instead, I am gonna show them that I am more determined than ever to get off that darned phone and climb the ladder.
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Well, this weekend is the Kernersville Spring Folley. It's sort of like a celebration of Spring, and last year we had a nice time walking around and looking at the different arts & crafts. This year Emily will be big enough to enjoy some of the little kiddie rides so it should be interesting. If you live in the area you should come on by - it's a lot of fun. I hope we'll see some of you locals out there...
The BOYA class was interesting, and while much of what was covered was (in my opinion) elementary, at least it'll show in my file as being completed - which will help grease the wheels of progress (or in my case promotion). If anything, now I think I will try to network a little more and try to get some name recognition outside of my current team/area. While I am usually opposed to politics and whatnot, I am slowly realizing that in order to get ahead of the game you actually have to play the game.
Thanks to the BOYA class I actually get a two day weekend that consists of a Saturday and a Sunday. Whatever shall I do with both of them?!
Emily has had really bad eye-boogers and stuff. I remember having a problem with them throughout my life, so I wonder if she is just prone to them or if it is something more serious? We have a follow-up appointment this coming with with the Asthma/Allergy specialist so I think we'll ask her about it.
Next weekend if the Greek Festival in Winston-Salem. Can anyone say Loukamades? Mmmmmm..... Anyone care to join us?


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