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I had to share this...

Last night we had to go to Costco for Milk. I would write about my displeasure in their changing of the milk packaging (you have to buy two gallons at a time, and you can't mix-n-match). That is for another time.

No, this is about gas prices rising so fast it makes your head spin. As we drove to Costco the price of gas at the Sheetz on the way was $2.69 a gallon for regular unleaded. At Costco it was $2.44 a gallon. After a quick bite to eat we drove back past the same Sheetz and the price was now $2.99!! It jumped thirty frickin cents in 30 minutes!!! INSANITY!!!!

Needless to say we filled up at Costco for $2.44 with no complaints. I should have brought the truck back and filled up last night but we had no time. So I filled up at the same Costco this morning for $2.51 a gallon. (At least they didn't price gouge thirty cents higher like Sheetz... The fargin' bastages!)
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It turns out we still need to have someone come out here to look at the air conditioning unit... That just sucks ass! This weekend the temps got up into the 90's, and after my last conversation with the AC people it looked like we had an easy fix by simply pressing the reset button on the heat pump on the side o fthe house. However, when we tried to use our AC this weekend all we got was air that was the same temp as the air inside the house. Not a good thing!

So now I have to pay for a service call, and who knows what else. Time to whip out ye ole balance transfer checks from one of the cards - not exactly what I 'want to do' but with summer on the way it is more like a 'have to do'. Granted, I think of all the weight I could lose by living in a sauna, but that wouldn't be fair to Emily who simply doesn't need to live like that.

Have you ever had that feeling that you are standing in the path of a rolling boulder, much like the one in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Lately, it just seems like the boulder is rolling ever so close and though it hasn't caught up to me yet I can feel the weight of it pressing ever so much closer...
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Ugh! I went to the pharmacy today and was looking at the price of blood-glucose testing strips (for diabetics) and I was amazed at how expensive they are. Granted, I have to buy them as well, but I found a medical supply place that can get my insurance to cover them (price in full) for a three month supply. The funny thing is that I tried to do that with another company, and they said my insurance wouldn't cover the expense. My presription plan wouldn't cover it because they aren't drugs - even though my doctor wrote up a scrip for them. How can one medical supply place get it to be covered when the other one couldn't? I guess it's all in how you fill out the paperwork, or list the supplies, or something arcane and stupid like red tape!

What amazes me is that with all the money that we pay to insurance companies, they are constantly looking to disallow coverage for the little things. Hey, my employer and I paid for the benefit, and they should honor it without a hassle! But they don't care...

So, now I have my testing unit that I keep at work and I supply my own test stuff for it - Accu-Check Active (the unit and supplies are very inexpensive for those of you who may need one). I have the unit that my doctor gave me free of charge (Precision Xtra - nice machine, but the test strips are EXPENSIVE!). But wait, now I also have the unit given to me by the medical supply place (Assure - big, bulky, but it has a cool touch screen menu and I'll leave that one at home for home testing).

The moral of this story? Stop drinking soda like it's water! It'll screw up you blood sugar and next thing you know you'll be testing your blood everyday.


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