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It's funny, but as I have grown older I have noticed I am revisiting things of my childhood - for example, music.

Growing up I was raised on a mix of The Beatles, Elvis, Kenny Rogers, and Neil Diamond. I have already acclimated Elvis, The Fab Four and Mr Diamond on my list of CD's and downloads but I have hesitated with Kenny Rogers. Granted, I dabble in Modern Country, but some of that older twangy stuff has never been huge on my list of things to listen too. Than I saw the commercial for Kenny's Greatest Hits and Mindy and I both looked at each other with that, 'Should I even mention it?' look. I took the plunge...

"You want that, don't you?!"
"Actually, I grew up with my Mom listening to those songs."
"Really? Me too."

So there you have it... Mindy and I are both closet Kenny Rogers fans. I guess I'll have to add him to my Launchcast ratings and see what memories he'll dredge up at random (if and when he actually plays over the computer).
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Last night I put some Great Northerns in the pot for a good soak and this morning I threw them in the crockpot with some really tasty ham we picked up at Costco, and a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash Table Blend. Doesn't that just sound tasty? I was considering making some cornbread, but I think I'll be good tonight and just have a spinich and romaine salad with my beans.
Okay - first check this out:

Dude, give it up! You hit the motherload four times and the last time you came up empty. Dontcha think it is time to look elsewhere for your next bit score? That well has been tapped!
My Yahoo Launchcast keeps playing this group called Llama - I have never heard of them. They aren't anything special, in my opinion, but I have to wonder why they keep popping up. I think maybe the record companies are paying Yahoo to drop these selctions every now and then. Maybe I should just go to the website of the local classic rock station (Rock 92.3 for you locals) and listen to their streaming webcast since they now have that capability. Than I won't have to worry about stray Llamas on my computer...
Number, numbers everywhere on my screen... Time for the Quarterly Reports and I am waiting for data that should have been here two days ago. Grrrr! They are keeping me from doing what needs to get done... Well, at least I have my LJ diversion and email. They keep me from playing Spider Solitare, and that can be just as addictive.


Aug. 1st, 2005 10:48 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] hippie_chick I have heard some of the soundtrack from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and it is almost like hearing new music from Oingo Boingo again. I can hear elements of Danny's past incarnation as lead singer/songwriter of Boingo and I have to wonder as I am listening to the horn work if he brought the guys back out of retirement to play on this soundtrack.

And speaking of coming out of retirement, we are closing in on the ten year anniversary of the final concert - now would be a great time to treat the fans for a surprise Halloween concert. Of course, living here in NC it isn't as if I could go if they did. But it would be f'ing awesome for the fans if they did it. *sigh*

I can dream can't I?
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Okay, first - who is going to see the movie this opening weekend? Anyone? ANYONE?!

Well over at the VH1 website they have twenty pieces of movie trivia. One of the tid-bits I found most interesting was the following - Former Oingo Boingo member-turned-soundtrack composer Danny Elfman provides the singing voices of the Oompa-Loompas.

Okay, now it is a moral imperative that I see this movie!
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I have been using the last of my free downloads from the Pepsi/I-Tunes promotion. Little did I realize that they have exclusive rights to the Star Wars soundtracks (including Episode III). So I scored a few choice cuts. 'Battle of the Heros' is nice, but I think I prefer 'Duel of the Fates' a little more. They have some exclusive cuts - but you have to buy the whole album first, and I think I am more inclined to buy the actual CD instead. (Hey Matt, tell me which songs have the best bang for my buck so I know which ones are worth my free downloads... I'd appreciate it)
We went shopping at Target yesterday. Emily and I spent some extra time in the Star Wars ailse and I found Fisher-Price star wars toys for toddlers! Sweet!! Of course, go figure, Emily wanted to play with the Darth Vader mask instead. Also, I have noticed the quality of lightsabers has improved over the years. I remember when I was little they have these huge tubes that made noise when you waved the saber around. Nowadays they have electronic noises (straight from the film) and they just look more realistic. Still, I wonder how much that old saber of mine would be worth today if I still had it.
I was watching movie previews over the net this weekend. I watched the trailer for 'Dukes of Hazard' (debuting in August)and 'Legend of Zorro' (on screens in October). I am more inclined to see Zorro because I dig swashbuckling adventures over Jessica Simpson's ass cheeks. Not that I have anything against butt cleavage, but I prefer the cleavage to have a brain attached somewhere above the shoulders. Still, I think my summer movie viewing will be minimal but I have an idea where I would want to spend my summer dollars:

May - Star Wars (D'uh!)
June - Batman Begins (Hey, Michael Caine is Alfred - nuff said!)
July - Fantastic Four (The royal family of Comics come to the screen - it'll be worth it)
August - 3001 (Mike Judge makes his triumphant return to film after his last masterpiece, Office Space)

These will have to tide me over untile November and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (watched that preview also - looks DAMN good!)
Speaking of summer movies, I am still open to seeing the movie with local LJ friends if you are so inclined. Just let me know if you are interested. Just a little over nine days until the debut (though I am more inclined to see it a day or so after, just to avoid crowds)


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