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Today is a day filled with great change.

Alan Greenspan steps down as the Chairman of the Fed. I always liked referring to him as 'Uncle Al', but I can't say why. He just has that look to him, that kindly wise old uncle who can pull a quarter out of your ear and then advise you about what to do with it so it'll grow.

Coretta Scott King, widow of Dr. Martin Luthor King Jr. has passed away as well. Here was a woman who turned something horrible as the assination of her husband into an enduring legacy of Civil Rights and Social Change through non violent means. She raised four kids at the same time. That is just amazing to me.

A friend of mine is waking up today unemployed, but full of optimism and renewed focus on what is important to her in her life. Not many of us have that kind of freedom to do that, but I applaud her.

Another friend probably woke up with sore knees from scrubbing a carpet full of ink stains. Not that it really represents much change, but hey, I am sure his wife isn't mad at him this morning which is probably a considerable change from yesterday!

In a little while, I will go down to the cafeteria and buy something to drink. The cashier will give me... You guessed it! Change!!

That's all I have to say about that.
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After dropping Emily off at Daycare I headed down the road that takes me to the Interstate (that is what they call the Freeway out here - back in SoCal, the Interstate is called the Freeway, but I digress). Anyway, as I drove south to I-40 I noticed a mailbox laying on its side and mail strewn all over somebody's driveway. In my head, I figure some mailbox baseball (ala Stand by Me) had gone down or something. Imagine my surprise when I saw a deer sleeping on the very same lawn that the mailbox was laying down on! Apparantly the mailbox and the deer had been out drinking last night and the mailbox couldn't hold its liquor and threw up mail all over the driveway! To top it off, the deer was so drunk that it's buddies had shaved off one of its antlers and left it sleeping on the lawn. One can only hope that the deer and that mailbox didn't hook up or something - that would just be one awkward wake-up call.

"Um, hey."
"Did we, uh, y'know?"
"I dunno."
"Want some breakfast?"
"No. I gotta go. I'll be late for the mail delivery."
"Oh. Okay. Uh, so, uh, call me!"
"Uh huh. See ya."
(Mailbox exits the scene)
*sniffs the air* "Oh man, I smell like bills! Sick!"

I tell you, mailboxes and deer, they just can't hold their liquor!

(Of course, there is the possibility that there was a collision between the deer, a car and the mailbox. Perhaps. Still, I like my alternate explanation much better)
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Our Christmas Tree this year lingered on well past Christmas Morning. We took it down a week and a half ago and I put it out in front of the house but I guess we must have missed the tree pick up. Then after that we had some interesting weather and HIGH winds, and it went exploring our street (but always managed to find its way back in front of our house). Than one morning it was completely GONE after a night of super duper high winds, and I looked all around and couldn't find it - but when I came home there is was in our drive-way. I was hoping it had run away to join the circus or something, but I guess that was too much to hope for.

So this morning I took it to the Farmer's market because they have a Christmas Tree Collection Site. After dropping off Emily at day care I headed over to the site with the tree in the truck bed. As I got there and put on my gloves (because anytime I touched the tree I ended up with sap stuck to me), I went out and I was hit with a wall of pine scent. The collection site was strewn with the carcases of a Christmas gone by, a veritable herbicidal burial ground. Perhaps they'll erect a memorial for all those dead trees, but I doubt it.

Anyway, after seeing all that I drove off to work and I thought more about it - I think a fake tree is a purchase we'll be making soon. I just can't justify spending between $50-$80 for a tree year after year, and than witness the carnage collected in the aftermath. (Don't get me started on the paper used to wrap the gifts, more dead trees for the cause)
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Okay, on 20/20 there is this woman who pretended to be a man for 2 years.

She's more handsome than I am!

I feel so... Unattractive...
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Not to get overly political and whatnot, but does anyone know why I can't seem to find a theater in the triad area that is playing Brokeback Mountain? I looked on Fandango - nothing in my area! I looked up my favorite theaters and their company websites, and nothing! Now I read how a theater chain in Utah isn't screening the movie, and that they made the decision just hours before their first showing was supposed to happen. I swear, people just need to let everyone make up their own mind about what they wants to see, rather than simply eliminating the opportunity to screen a film. I am a human being with a mind of my own and I don't need some close minded individuals trying to spare me from being exposed to what they deem inappropriate subject matter. Like watching two actors PRETEND to be gay is going to make we want to be gay or something. Yeah, I am that impressionable... *smirk* Nitwits!

Watch, it'll win big during all the awards happening over the next few months and I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

*sigh* Pisses me off!
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I am watching I Love The 80's Strikes Back and they have this part of the show called the 'What the F&$?' Moment of 198(insert specific year)', which made me wonder...

What was the 'What the F&$?' moment of 2005?

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First thing, before I dive into my recap of my weekend - Why are we making movies about 9/11? Nic Cage is starring in one, I read that they are going to make one about Flight 93 (the plane where the passengers fought back) and I just think it is waaaay too soon! I mean, I think we are still raw about this topic on many levels. Case in point - MSN put up a timeline of events on 9/11, but as soon as the day ended all video links ceased to work because they pulled down the content - but they left the timeline up. Why can't Hollywood allow us to put a little more distance between the event and their film efforts? Oh, I guess four years counts as distance, but I think they could have a little more respect to the families of those who perished. Let's say a DECADE?! At a minimum? Okay, that's enought of that.
Saturday Morning: 9/10, 08:00am - I awaken to the sounds of my two year old singing 'Happy Birthday to Me' and it makes me smile. We rushed about, getting ready for the party and head out the door to go to Sam's Club. For the record, when I buy a cake I go to Costco. They make great cakes - but they don't make cupcakes. Sam's Club (and Walmart for that matter) make crappy cakes because they use frozen sheet cake and it tastes like BLECH but Sam's does make cupcakes. And they make them fresh (especially when you order them special). Mindy ordered them for pick-up at 10:30am and they looked fresh and smelled GREAT! Once we picked them up we headed over to the mall. I had my hands full with a box of cupcakes and goodie bags for the kids. We dropped them off at Build-A-Bear and headed over to the carousel to eyeball the table situation. While we there, our friend Mary showed up with her granddaughter. Now Mary is a journal entry of her own, so I won't go into details right here right now, but she is such a sweetheart.
We headed over to Build-A-Bear and I waited out front to spot folks coming to the party. In all we had about eight kids total, so they got started by picking out their bears (they had a choice between two different bears) and marching over to the stuffing machine. After that they had a little heart stuffing ceremony with the kids sticking multiple hearts into Emily's Birthday Bear. Then they all got sewn up and the shopping for accessories began. Emily got a pink princess t-shirt for her bear (how appropriate). All the parent picked up the tab for any accessories, and in the end with all the bears and Emily's accessories we paid $97, which I am thinking would be about the same at Chuck-E-Cheese except the food is included with their party. I think it was fun for the kids, but Emily got a little shy and clingy - there were lots of people in the shop so she might have felt a little overwhelmed.
After the Bear experience we walked over to the Carousel and had cupcakes with the kids. Slowly the guests began to leave one at a time, and once we were down to the last one Mindy realized she forgot to give out the goodie-bags. Uh oh! So this morning I dropped off the bags to Emily's school friends and deposited bags on the desks of my colleagues who attended with their kids. In all, everyone seemed to have a good time. I think in the future I would recommend that if you want to do Build-A-Bear, make sure your kids can handle the experience.
Yesterday I took Emily to the park while Mindy was doing stuff in the kitchen. Here in Kernersville they had closed down the park closest to us, Fourth of July Park, in order to renovate it a bit. Well, they have since opened it again so that is where we went. I have to say, I think they did a great job! There is a skate park for the older kids, and that was getting plenty of use while we were there. The playground was perfect! They had a smaller set for the little ones, which Emily enjoyed, and a HUGE play set for the school age children that was swarming with kids. There is a basketball court, tennis courts, and nature trails that we enjoyed as we walked by a creek. Daddy & Daughter time at the park was a joy, and I know Mommy will want to tag along the next time we go so she can enjoyed our renovated park.
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This just upsets me!

I applaud her for quitting because she wants to express her dismay at the feet dragging by the FDA.  It just goes to highlight the challenges we still face in this society.  It is sad when you have something at hand that can do so much good being kept from the public simply because they want to withhold it from the people, who in my opinion, need access to it the most!  Teens today are still practicing risky behavior, and teenage pregnancy is something we can eliminate if the right tools (such as Plan B) are available to them.

It just annoys the hell out of me!

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I had to share this...

Last night we had to go to Costco for Milk. I would write about my displeasure in their changing of the milk packaging (you have to buy two gallons at a time, and you can't mix-n-match). That is for another time.

No, this is about gas prices rising so fast it makes your head spin. As we drove to Costco the price of gas at the Sheetz on the way was $2.69 a gallon for regular unleaded. At Costco it was $2.44 a gallon. After a quick bite to eat we drove back past the same Sheetz and the price was now $2.99!! It jumped thirty frickin cents in 30 minutes!!! INSANITY!!!!

Needless to say we filled up at Costco for $2.44 with no complaints. I should have brought the truck back and filled up last night but we had no time. So I filled up at the same Costco this morning for $2.51 a gallon. (At least they didn't price gouge thirty cents higher like Sheetz... The fargin' bastages!)
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First it was our mission to Free Katie... But now I have come across THIS SITE!

Ouch! My sides hurt... But hey, some those t-shirts look good.

Uh oh...

Jun. 24th, 2005 09:34 am
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James Earl Jones is ill with pneumonia... He's 74 years old... This does not bode well.

I hope and pray he recovers. He is the Great White Hope. Mustafa. Darth Vader. This is CNN. He is a part of my childhood, my adulthood, and legend and a legacy.

The force will be with him. ALways.
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Today I went through the drive-thru ATM at the bank and this lady in front of me amazed me! How so? Well, first she pulled up to the ATM and was about four feet away so she had to open up the car door to get to the keypad. This in itself was funny, but the fact that she stood up through the open window at first only to discover that she STILL couldn't manage to touch the keypad amused me even more. Next she tried to insert her card. I could see from behind her that she was putting it in the wrong way, so she pulled it back and turned it over (stripe side up) and tried it again. Than she flipped it around and tried it again, than she flipped it over completely (bring her back to the way she first inserted it) and it still wouldn't work. Finally I think she looked at the instructions and I thought she'd get it right that time, but alas, she did it wrong AGAIN! At this point I thought to myself, "Maybe she should keep her money under a mattress instead." This thought was quickly banished when I realized she might go to the wrong bed, over and over and over and over....

Sometimes, people amaze me!
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I read this from the Associated Press on

Teen star Lindsay Lohan is fed up with the press only being interested in her wild social life, because she's desperate to be taken seriously as an actress. The 18-year-old actress has signed up to work with Meryl Streep on the upcoming movie from legendary director Robert Altman, the film version of A Prairie Home Companion. And Lohan is enraged her fellow actresses Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson, who are both just two years older than her, are highly praised for their work whereas she's known for her relentless partying and troubled family life. She says, "It's hard for me to have to watch that. I work just as hard as those people and sometimes (the media) make it seem that they're more mature because their fan base is more mature and my fan base is younger So they're writing about me going out all the time. It's easy to over-publicize me. I'm a young kid and I have a lot of pressure... (but) I know work is work."

You want to be taken seriously? Eat a friggin sandwich! I saw you on SNL and I remember the first time you hosted the show and you look like your a sick and undernurished. That is all...
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We received an invite to a wedding for Mindy's cousin who is presently residing in Charlotte. It is in Hawaii, and will happen in May of next year. In the interest of being comfortable on an airplane I am seriously examining what I eat and trying to be good. This week I have switched over to A LOT of veggies and salad, smaller portions of protein, and I have steered clear of bread and potatos (with a small serving now and them). Just these small changes seem to be having an affect because I stepped on the scale for the first time in months and I actually weigh under 400 lbs. Go me! I figure once I have shaved off an additional 10 lbs I am going to work up and exercise routine, mostly a lot of walking mixed with some dumbbell work and routines I have found reasonable in Men's Health magazine. Fortunately for me I have great legs already, so I think I'll try to bulk those up a bit and with the extra muscle mass I'll be able to burn calories more effectively. I may never be a skinny guy like my buddy Jeffe, but hey, at least I'll be healthier and can change the adjective I use for myself from 'obese' to 'husky'.
Emily has now added the words 'Hot Dog' and 'Pink' to her vocabulary. Pink was revealed this morning when getting her dressed and Mindy offered her a blue outfit or a pink one to wear and she said, "Pink!" Mindy was quite pleased...
Some former neighbors of ours who had moved to Georgia came up to NC to visit. The wife is pregnant and Mindy's hairdresser, who lives three houses over, had mentioned they were going to throw her a baby shower when she came and that she would let her know when they would be coming up. Well we spotted them over there Saturday afternoon and again this afternoon. Nobody had notified us there were coming, no invite to the shower (if it was held), and no drop by to our home by the visiting couple. Mindy was a little hurt, and while I don't feel hurt or anything I just think it is rude for someone to make mention of a visit and not follow through on a promise to invite you to a party (once again, if it was held). Some people just lack good manners and appear to be less of a neighbor and more like people who live in close proximity. Mindy is considering changing hair dressers, and I don't blame her.
Work this week is ending on a high note as I am at about 100% productivity for the day and 200% for the week. If I had worked on friday I have a feeling I would have sold OVER 60... But I didn't. I took the day off. I think this week I may schedule myself for some overtime, just to see if I can hit the 60 mark. Plus, the extra money would go a long way.
I have some other stuff I want to write about, but I am gonna make that one a friends only post in the near future.
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In the interest of finding new freinds on LJ for me to add to my friends list, I decided to use the random search tool and see where I found myself. With that sais, all I can say to describe the experience is - "SCARY!"

One guy kept writing "I will not end up on the grassy knoll" over and over...

Another looked like some russian chick - and I couldn't read her journal because it was in russian. (granted, not very scary - but maybe she was plotting the come back of communism!)

One was some girl being laid off from her job and the her whole mood was, of course, depressing.

Last, but most certainly not least, was a journal that looked like it was decorated by Satan, and the content read like it was from the bowels of hell...

I think I'll just play it safe and look for friends amongst my current friends... Maybe some of their buddies will prove to be sane, yet interesting, and warrant an add-on to my list.
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In talking with a friend today I came to realize that sometimes I sound like one of those little old men wearing a diaper, who sit on top of mountains, while people climb to the top and ask him for bits of wisdom. Now, I don't think of myself as a guru or wise sage, but I like to think that I approach many of life's problems with a healthy dose of logic. I also don't think that I know all of life's answers, and when word gets back to my wife that I am offering relationship advise to our friends she asks me, "Why don't you do that in our relationship?"

The only thing I can say to that is that it is easier to see what is wrong with something when you are outside of the situation. Kind of like you are looking at a painting. When you are inside the situation (painting), you can't see the entire picture as clearly as the observer. As the observer, you can look objectively at the subject of the painting, and the environment the subject is in. You can see the way the light works on the painting, the brush strokes, and the contrast of color. But the subject in the painting can't see itself from that perspective. All it sees is what is there, and it is unable to jump out of the painting and look at it the same way. If it did, the painting would be different because it wouldn't be in the painting anymore, it jumped out, and the painting changed because of that.

Luckily, people aren't paintings in the strict sense of the word. With a little imagination and a lot of logic, we can learn to shift our perspective and look at ourselves. I am glad when I can help someone look at a situation in a new way, or help them find a better path that leads to happiness. Maybe I should go climb a mountain and get a diaper.
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Okay, this is just something I have to get off my chest... Read more... )
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I got to take a shower in my own bathroom this morning! (I know, it doesn't take much to get me happy) Read more... )

In other news - I just received confirmation that my domain should be online sometime tomorrow. Now I have to haul ass and finish some preliminary designs and get them uploaded. Anyone want to create some cool graphics I can use?
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I have reports that are due today... The data that I was supposed to have received from around the country arrived late, and I am supposed to compile it into a nice tidy report that shows our National Quality Scores for our customer contact centers nationally. I have already told the folks who receive the reports that they won't be done until Monday due to the late arrival from the locla centers - but I am tired of compiling the numbers. Ugh! I wish I could get paid to play video games or read a book, maybe watch a movie, or do anything other than crunch numbers...

Sometimes, I wish I could be a kid again and go to school... Homework sounds like fun right now.
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I hate it when people tell you they are going to do something for you, but than take their sweet time fulfilling their promises. Lemme explain:

I asked some people to write me witness statements for my court case next week, so I won't have to have a bunch of witnesses in court. I asked these folks at the beginning of last week, and told them I would like to have their statements by the end of last week. They all said, "No problem!" Did I get anything by the end of the week? Nope.

So, now I am trying to get a hold of these folks this week, and trying to do it so I don't seem like I am being a pest (since they don't have to do anything if they don't want to, but I need their statements to help make my case). Maybe I am judging others by my own personal standards? I mean, if I promise something to someone, I do it, and if I am delayed I try to let them know why and see if an alternate timeframe would work best for them. This is something I developed due to my work history and career needs, which I have used in my personal non-work environment. A personal guideline that works in professional and personal forums.

I guess it's time to get on the phone and see if I can successfully extract some written statements from these folks...



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