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Not to get overly political and whatnot, but does anyone know why I can't seem to find a theater in the triad area that is playing Brokeback Mountain? I looked on Fandango - nothing in my area! I looked up my favorite theaters and their company websites, and nothing! Now I read how a theater chain in Utah isn't screening the movie, and that they made the decision just hours before their first showing was supposed to happen. I swear, people just need to let everyone make up their own mind about what they wants to see, rather than simply eliminating the opportunity to screen a film. I am a human being with a mind of my own and I don't need some close minded individuals trying to spare me from being exposed to what they deem inappropriate subject matter. Like watching two actors PRETEND to be gay is going to make we want to be gay or something. Yeah, I am that impressionable... *smirk* Nitwits!

Watch, it'll win big during all the awards happening over the next few months and I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

*sigh* Pisses me off!
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First thing, before I dive into my recap of my weekend - Why are we making movies about 9/11? Nic Cage is starring in one, I read that they are going to make one about Flight 93 (the plane where the passengers fought back) and I just think it is waaaay too soon! I mean, I think we are still raw about this topic on many levels. Case in point - MSN put up a timeline of events on 9/11, but as soon as the day ended all video links ceased to work because they pulled down the content - but they left the timeline up. Why can't Hollywood allow us to put a little more distance between the event and their film efforts? Oh, I guess four years counts as distance, but I think they could have a little more respect to the families of those who perished. Let's say a DECADE?! At a minimum? Okay, that's enought of that.
Saturday Morning: 9/10, 08:00am - I awaken to the sounds of my two year old singing 'Happy Birthday to Me' and it makes me smile. We rushed about, getting ready for the party and head out the door to go to Sam's Club. For the record, when I buy a cake I go to Costco. They make great cakes - but they don't make cupcakes. Sam's Club (and Walmart for that matter) make crappy cakes because they use frozen sheet cake and it tastes like BLECH but Sam's does make cupcakes. And they make them fresh (especially when you order them special). Mindy ordered them for pick-up at 10:30am and they looked fresh and smelled GREAT! Once we picked them up we headed over to the mall. I had my hands full with a box of cupcakes and goodie bags for the kids. We dropped them off at Build-A-Bear and headed over to the carousel to eyeball the table situation. While we there, our friend Mary showed up with her granddaughter. Now Mary is a journal entry of her own, so I won't go into details right here right now, but she is such a sweetheart.
We headed over to Build-A-Bear and I waited out front to spot folks coming to the party. In all we had about eight kids total, so they got started by picking out their bears (they had a choice between two different bears) and marching over to the stuffing machine. After that they had a little heart stuffing ceremony with the kids sticking multiple hearts into Emily's Birthday Bear. Then they all got sewn up and the shopping for accessories began. Emily got a pink princess t-shirt for her bear (how appropriate). All the parent picked up the tab for any accessories, and in the end with all the bears and Emily's accessories we paid $97, which I am thinking would be about the same at Chuck-E-Cheese except the food is included with their party. I think it was fun for the kids, but Emily got a little shy and clingy - there were lots of people in the shop so she might have felt a little overwhelmed.
After the Bear experience we walked over to the Carousel and had cupcakes with the kids. Slowly the guests began to leave one at a time, and once we were down to the last one Mindy realized she forgot to give out the goodie-bags. Uh oh! So this morning I dropped off the bags to Emily's school friends and deposited bags on the desks of my colleagues who attended with their kids. In all, everyone seemed to have a good time. I think in the future I would recommend that if you want to do Build-A-Bear, make sure your kids can handle the experience.
Yesterday I took Emily to the park while Mindy was doing stuff in the kitchen. Here in Kernersville they had closed down the park closest to us, Fourth of July Park, in order to renovate it a bit. Well, they have since opened it again so that is where we went. I have to say, I think they did a great job! There is a skate park for the older kids, and that was getting plenty of use while we were there. The playground was perfect! They had a smaller set for the little ones, which Emily enjoyed, and a HUGE play set for the school age children that was swarming with kids. There is a basketball court, tennis courts, and nature trails that we enjoyed as we walked by a creek. Daddy & Daughter time at the park was a joy, and I know Mommy will want to tag along the next time we go so she can enjoyed our renovated park.
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This just upsets me!

I applaud her for quitting because she wants to express her dismay at the feet dragging by the FDA.  It just goes to highlight the challenges we still face in this society.  It is sad when you have something at hand that can do so much good being kept from the public simply because they want to withhold it from the people, who in my opinion, need access to it the most!  Teens today are still practicing risky behavior, and teenage pregnancy is something we can eliminate if the right tools (such as Plan B) are available to them.

It just annoys the hell out of me!

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Dear U.S. Media,

Yesterday while at lunch I was watching CNN regarding a law being proposed in Texas about children and Gay adoptive parents. The issue was being discussed with an anchor woman, a member of the Gay/Lesbian Lobby and by some deluded woman who claimed that children who live with Gay Parents are 11 times more likely to be abused than children living with heterosexual couples. Firstly, the fact that CNN let this woman throw out such a ludicris statistic apalls me. Second, that they even let her narrow minded views on television upsets me. Third, that I am unable to find any additional mention on the CNN website about this story disturbs me.

Why is it that I am able to find stories about a woman being arrested for a finger in her chili and a story of an off duty cop (in Texas of course) dropping his gun and expelling two rounds in a bathroom stall, but unsuccessful in finding a story that affects a segment of our population? To provide more detail, a story about a proposed law that is based on bigotry and promoted by overzealous right wing religious fanatics in a state that has the highest level of prisoners put to death under the death penalty and some of the lowest scores in all of basic education in the country?

To all media outlets - lose the fluff and give us some unbiased reporting! There is something called Freedom of Speech, so why not stop bowing the right and use your constitutional Freedom of the Press rights and enlighten us with some REAL reporting. To all my friends who live in Texas, this is in no way a dig at you.


A Concerned Citizen Against Bigotry in Texas Politics


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