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Since it was asked, here are the results for the 'What looks good on a member of the opposite sex' poll:

Glasses - 1
Eyes - 2
White Collar Clothes - 2
Hockey/Sports Jersey - 1
'Me' - 2
Blue Collar Clothes - 1
Swim Wear - 1
Jeans - 2
T-Shirt - 1

Not too many people wanted to share their preferences, but it seems that if you wear a white collar shirt, some jeans, make great eye contact and put a female on you somewhere you could possibly please two of the people who participated! :)

Baby Names

Feb. 6th, 2006 08:58 am
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We are so blessed with a lovely daughter that it would be nice to have a little boy to round out the Barnes Clan. Despite such sentiments, there is no knowing what we will be blessed with come September. Still, I think this a great opportunity for a poll! Now, we still have a boy name picked out from when we were expecting Emily, so that is taken care of. So I will open up the poll for suggestions for a girl name. With that said, I give you all - The Poll!

[Poll #667741]
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I had such a great convo last night with a handful of friends, both LJ and Non-LJ. I felt a bit like a juggler going from one window to the next, back to one, than off to another. And yet, I am sure everyone felt they were getting individual attention, which is always my goal.

Out of one conversation, I realized that one of the sexiest things I have ever seen is when a woman wears a mans button up shirt - that is just plain HOT! Guys, and I mean people who have a Y chromosome, what are your thoughts? Other than wearing nothing (which just about every guys enjoys) what looks hottest on a woman? And for the ladies, what do you find to be the one things a man can wear that gets you all squidgie? (I'll make this a poll so those of you who wish to maintain your semblance of purity won't be compromised)

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Have you ever done much damage to your body and if so how?

Interesting question... If you are referring to drugs and alcohol, than no, not really. I grew up watching family members get high and drunk and I saw how that affected them and decided that wasn;t the path for me. In my life, I have only been drunk twice - out of those, only once was I drunk enough to get sick - but I have never had a hangover. i figured if i was that lucky, than I won;t press my luck and thus I never drink to excess nowadays.

If you are referring to injury, the worst I have ever done was sprain my ankle playing basketball back in 1995.

Of course if you just mean in general, than yes I have. Not watching what I eat or drink and bad habits have lead me to the point that I made myself diabetic (word to the wise - do not drink 2 Liters of regular strength Mountain Dew a day - it'll kill ya). The day after Christmas, I start seriously reversing some of the damage by eating more healthy things and cutting back on the crud I have been known to ingest. My goal is to drop 10 lbs a month in 2006.
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I have gone back and re-read many of my journal entries as i take stock of where the last three years have brought me and a couple years ago I did a Poll that i decided I want to repeat. So, with that said, please feel free to participate!

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After reading about [ profile] modernarchetype's escalator story I had an epiphany! Time for a poll...

[Poll #630299]
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I had a great idea for a survey and I realized that I can't make polls anymore since I let my paid account slip into free status. But that won't stop me! Here is what I want to know:

Which of the following break up lines have been used on or by you?

- It's not you, it's me.
- I need some space.
- I am just not ready for a relationship right now.
- I just don't see us being together.
- I'm gay.
- My needs aren't being met.

Feel free to add to the list if you think of something is missing.


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