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Last night Mindy and went over the list of names suggested by my awesome friends and I think she pretty much vetoed each and every one. She suggested Emma as well as Ella, which I promptly vetoed both. I told her that after we named Emily I learned that Emily was the top name for girls the year Emily was born - Emma was number two. (Thanks to the government for gathering the data, I shall share the link - - enjoy searching the year YOU were born to see which names were popular). As for Ella, there is only one Ella and I am sure [ profile] modernarchetype would have Darrell launch a patriot missle into my living room to insure she remains THE Ella. (Well, maybe not to that extreme, but I respect her enough to forgoe using the name) I think we can get a bit more original this time around (if we have a girl), without forgoeing my affection for classic names. I am leaning toward Abigail or Grace, but I am sure my tastes may change come September - we'll have to wait and see.

I watched Surface last night... Maybe I am having a harder time suspending my sense of belief, but if you are in a underground storage facility, ten floors down beneath the Earth, don't try and tell me that you are going to get a CELLPHONE SIGNAL! Uh, no. (This is where working for a cellphone company becomes problematic) I remember working for LA Cellular and writers for The X-Files called into our customer service center to ask questions about how cellphones work so they could write an episode and have it be factual. I guess those Surface writers never stopped to think about stuff like that. Oh well, it was the season Finale last night, and I have a hard time believing it will be renewed next year... It'll be replaced by Bobsledding With the Stars, Celebrity Dog Swapping or something along those lines.

Edit: You HAVE to read comments... Some funny stuff in there...

Baby Names

Feb. 6th, 2006 08:58 am
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We are so blessed with a lovely daughter that it would be nice to have a little boy to round out the Barnes Clan. Despite such sentiments, there is no knowing what we will be blessed with come September. Still, I think this a great opportunity for a poll! Now, we still have a boy name picked out from when we were expecting Emily, so that is taken care of. So I will open up the poll for suggestions for a girl name. With that said, I give you all - The Poll!

[Poll #667741]


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