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Don't you hate it when you have a friend and you want to talk to them, but you can never get a hold of them? It can't be my new cologne, because that just smells awesome! (Reaction by Kenneth Cole)
I must sit down and write out my New Years Resolutions, and the first one is going to be "Keep my New Years Resolutions". I think that is a good start.
My neighbor locked herself out of her house this morning and was able to break in using a credit card. I had never done that before, so does this mean that I have a talent for burglery or did I just get lucky this one time? I am thinking I just got lucky, but you never know - this could be a whole new career path for me!
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I am watching I Love The 80's Strikes Back and they have this part of the show called the 'What the F&$?' Moment of 198(insert specific year)', which made me wonder...

What was the 'What the F&$?' moment of 2005?

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Wow... A weekend for news isn't it? Richard Pryor passes on, Garth & Trisha tie the knot, and Chris Rock doesn't get a second date with Oscar. I guess the only way to sum it up is to say, "'Farewell, Congrats, and Oh Well!" Yeah, that covers it...
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I don't really have much to say right now... I am in the office, but all caught up, so essentially I am waiting for all of your to write stuff to keep me entertained. You wanna entertain me, Dont'cha?!
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I got a flu shot today! Yeah!!

The best part of it? No co-pay or deductable since Amex paid for it... How cool is that? Got to work, get a flu shot... Anything else more exciting than that?!

Hmmm... Yeah, I guess some things can be classified as more interesting and exciting. Carry on!
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I called about refinancing the house yesterday. Essentially I'll be able to pull out $30K ($3K of which goes toward the closing costs) and that'll give us enough to pay off my student loans, credit cards and a small bit left over to put toward home improvement or the trip to SoCal/Hawaii next year. It'll only increase what we are paying mortgage-wise by $200 a month (roughly). In my head this makes good sense, even though our interest rate will go up by one point. We'd be saving $250 a month (when I consider the increase in house payment), and by eliminating some of the non-essentials and budgeting we should be able to pay additional principle and stash some money away into savings. That, coupled with my lease ending in December of next year and we still have the Saturn Coupe that is paid off, in about a year we would have additional money to put toward principle. I am going to try and get another refi quote though, just so I can at least say I shopped around for the best deal possible for us.
Watched The Biggest Loser last night, in addition to House. How they can expect those lasies to lose as much as the guys, percentage wise or not, is beyond me. It is a fact that men lose faster than women - so even if you are looking at percentage, we'd technically still lose at a better rate of speed than the ladies. Granted, yes, the women beat the guys in the first week - but that is mainly due the usual large numbers people lose in their first week of a diet.

As for House - I love that show!

Surface on Monday night was interesting to me. Mindy wasn't feeling it, but I am intrigued. I want to see the creatures - and if they stick to the usual series format they are going to save that glimpse until the end of the season. I'd wager money on it.

The commercials for the season premiere of ER makes me laugh. It goes on to say how every year it has been the show to watch, and every time we see the commercial and they say that line I always say, out loud, "Not this year!"
Next week I am off to Miami for business. I'll be visiting our vendor, PRC, and I'll be staying at the Sheraton (Sweet Sleeper Bed, here I come!). I am hoping to do two things while I am there - drink a Mojito and eat a Cuban Sammich! Of course I'll be working while I am there, but hey, you have to have something to look forward to do after business hours!
I dropped my cell phone yesterday on the way out of the office. I heard a loud *SMACK!* and it had landed face down on the floow. When I opened up I noticed I have a black line through the LED display. NIIIIICE! I will make a few phone calls and see if it is possible to have it fixed, replaced or if I have to live with it for the remaining 10 months of my contract. What gets me is that in the 9+ years I worked for AWS, my Nokia and Motorola phones were dropped repeatedly, chewed on by my dog, played with by my nephew and they all survived with nary a scratch. This Samsung phone - one drop and I get black line on the LED. Quality!
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Luck is getting two snacks out of the vending machine for the price of one... Well, the price of one and a really hard shake of the machine.
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Why is it that when you go to a rave or dance party where they mix all sorts of music that nobody ever yells out "Play some John Denver!"????

Why isn't it considered neighborly when you are in the mens room to compliment your neighbor on a really impressive wind breakage or a satisfying 'Plop' sound?

At what point in the relationship does it become okay to do your business with the door open? Did it just happen, or was it something gradual?

Lastly, is it okay to play a song by Anthrax in a work environment, and if so, is it considered unprofessional to bang your head while their song plays? (This I ask because I did it last week and gave myself a headache after 10 seconds of it - Damn I am getting old!)

These kinds of thoughts kinda freak me out, since I am the one who thought of them for absolutely no reason.
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I clicked on the link to read about the ten predictions for the NFL Season this year. All fo them were pretty much greek to me, since I am not an avid sports watcher. However, prediction number ten caught my eye:

10. Carolina will win the Super Bowl

Hehehe... I'd watch a season worth of football to see this happen.
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Should I be worried that my wife enjoys watching a show on WE called 'Snapped'?  It's about wives who kill their husbands.  I shouldn't worry...  Right?  Hmmm?

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I had to share this...

Last night we had to go to Costco for Milk. I would write about my displeasure in their changing of the milk packaging (you have to buy two gallons at a time, and you can't mix-n-match). That is for another time.

No, this is about gas prices rising so fast it makes your head spin. As we drove to Costco the price of gas at the Sheetz on the way was $2.69 a gallon for regular unleaded. At Costco it was $2.44 a gallon. After a quick bite to eat we drove back past the same Sheetz and the price was now $2.99!! It jumped thirty frickin cents in 30 minutes!!! INSANITY!!!!

Needless to say we filled up at Costco for $2.44 with no complaints. I should have brought the truck back and filled up last night but we had no time. So I filled up at the same Costco this morning for $2.51 a gallon. (At least they didn't price gouge thirty cents higher like Sheetz... The fargin' bastages!)
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I am pretty sure I have written about my childhood and my struggles with religion and faith, etc., etc. If not, I have no plans on going further into those things today, so no worries. I did want to post this though, for future reference and because occassionally I have some not-so-anonymous folks who stroll on by and take a peek at what I have going on in here.

One of the books that I read in my younger days was called 'The Satan Seller' by Mike Warnke. Basically it was the story of this guy who rose through the ranks of Satanism and converts to Christianity. The guy was also a Christian Stand-Up Comic/Storyteller who I used to enjoy listening too. Anyway, I stumbled across this article: and basically it exposes the flaws and holes in this guys story. So basically, much of what I was lead to believe is false, and this guy is supposedly a con artist to the nth degree.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the facades of my youth are peeled away and I am left to ponder what I believe more and more from a jaded perspective.
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Does anyone else read 'For Better or For Worse' in the comics pages of your local newspaper? I have it set on My Yahoo! and read it everyday. Anyway, I am very concerned about Elzabeth - she has this stalker guy at work and in today's strip she is alone with him and he has taken on a threatening posture... I doubt he'll rape her (after all, this is the comics page we are talking about) but I am on the edge of my seat hoping everything works out and that she won't be hurt. (Geez, listen to me go on about a COMIC STRIP!!)
The MIL and Mindy's Niece will be here in a little more than six hours. Commence Panic!
I finally got my corporate card and ordered my new cell phone with accesories and hopefully will have them in the next couple days. Funny thing about the card, they sent the original on 7/25 and I called to have a replacement sent on Friday. I had the replacement in hand on Monday afternoon, and right after I activated it I went to talk with our Admin when the mail guy walks up to her and asks, "Uh, is there a Michael Barnes here?" After a quick chuckle I fessed up that I was the man he was looking for, and he hands me the original card that has been floating around for two weeks inside the building. Talk about ironic!
No new news about my nephew. I guess I will have to call his social worker and see why I haven't heard from him yet, since she was supposed to visit him and let him call my grandmother as well as myself.
Anyone like the 30 Second Bunny Troupe over at ?? They have a bunch of new 30 second movies that will be premiering on Starz - including Star Wars! Gotta love them bunnies! That and squirrels.... As in Foamy the Squirrel over at - I tell ya, that rodent speaks TRUTH!!
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Wow... I realize that I haven't written anything in my journal this week.

Um, Hi there!


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