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I forgot to include this in my other entry - is anyone else watching Treasure Hunters?  I love a good game show, but I am thinking the y picked teams based on stereotypes or something.  There is this one team called The Wild Hanlons and they are basically rednecks from Texas.  One guy has a mullet and whenever they get to the site where they are supposed to find something the scrutinize EVERYTHING to the point that they look stupid.  "Look, here's a beer can on the ground!  It must mean something!"  It's like they lack the common sense to look at the clues they get and actually look for meaning in the clues, they just read too much into simple stuff.  The other night they spent 11 hours in a mine shaft because they were too busy trying to knock a hole in a rock wall rather than explore the cave they were in and find the clue.  Ugh.
Last Comic Standing just isn't as funny to me this year as it was in the first two years, which is sad because they have folks on the Queen Mary that I think are funny.  Josh Blue is great, and Chris Porter makes me laugh.  Oh, and I find that Rebecca girl oddly attractive and I have no idea why.
Hell's Kitchen - I am so glad that Tom guy was sent home.  He had no business being in a kitchen.
Mindy finished watching Fear Factor last night.  It was the last of the Reality Stars episodes.  Emily was watching right along with her and I was wondering how it would affect her.  When you consider she had been waking up in the middle of the night complaining of spiders and catapillers in her bed, and the stunt yesterday involved dumping copious amounts of spiders and crickets on the contestants,  I am surprised Emily slept in her bed all night last night.  Not that I am complaining.


Mar. 15th, 2006 07:28 pm
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Mindy is watching American Idol on Tivo... That skinny dude, Kevin, what in the world is he still doing on the show?! I am confused America - why is he in the top twelve? Did everyone's grandmother call in and vote for him or something?

If he survives this week, I will be AMAZED!
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I wasn't really watching the show last night, but as usual Mindy was watching like clockwork. I was putting away laundry, just because I like laundry and I am the laundry guy in the house.

Anyway, I did happen to see one contestant and it just struck me odd - Is it just me, or is it creepy to have an Embalming Funeral Director singing 'You Raise Me Up'?

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Anyone else watch Hell's Kitchen last night? I was a little surprised...

It wasn't the fact that Jessica got voted off that surprised me. She deserved it because it was very apparent that she was the weakest (and personally, I think she should have been voted off last week after they all stabbed Elsie in the back). I was the surprise of her being outed (so to speak). Up to this point I had no idea that she was a lesbian! They went to great lengths to leave all of that out of everything, and while I thought it odd that she was rooming with Ralph, once again I figured it was part of her allying herself to stay in the game longer. But when they introduced her girlfriend and then the kiss, I was like - "Wow, I had no clue. Good for her."

Why is this important? It isn't! I was just surprised... I wonder how the right wing conservative christians will react. Hehehe.... They'll probably stop watching the show in protest for them showing two women kissing. But not me!! I gotta know who wins (and out of the two snakes remaining, I am hoping Michael wins).

It's Hell!

Jul. 19th, 2005 02:54 pm
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We watched Hell's Kitchen last night. It was the only thing on TV that I was willing to put my HP book down for.

All I can say is, "Why Elsie?! Why didn't you say 'No' when he asked you if you felt you had the team's support?!" One minute she is crying and saying thatthey weren't saying one word to her, ignoring her, letting her twist in the wind and when he asked her if she felt she had her team's support she said 'yes' which was a friggin lie! I know she wanted to go home, I know she was frustrated, but I wish she would have been honest with Ramsey and said no instead of yes.

Okay... No I officially hate the remaining contestants... I wanted Elsie to win and I think Gordon Ramsey wanted the same thing, but he had to go off of what Elsie said and that was it.

Nuff said, I have a conference call to get on now.
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Stay out of Hell's Kitchen! Actually, reverse that statement because I am digging this show!!!

Personally I think of it as a cross between The Restaurant (without that douche of a celeb chef Rocco) and Big Brother. I really like Gordon Ramsey, he is so f'ing brash and outspoken and I love his brutal honesty with the chefs in training AS WELL AS the pretentious customers. If you haven't watched this show make it a point to catch the next episode - it's great entertainment!


May. 27th, 2005 12:02 pm
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Having not really watched this season of American Idol I took on the stance that it is a farce in many respects. From what I saw of the contestants I felt like there really wasn't any one of them that I would enjoy buying a CD from. It struck me that this year, for some reason, they would have picked out the winner from the outset and that the results would be rigged. When it was down to about 6 left, I picked Carrie as the clear cut contender. My reasoning? She would appeal to young girls, males and she has crossover potential as someone who has country influences. Essentially, she would appeal to the our new national right leaning segment of the country. At least, that is what I said to myself, and even to a few co-workers who swore up and down that Bo would be the clear cut winner, followed by a lunch bet. Guess that means they owe me some lunch.
Finally saw Star Wars with Mindy last night. Very moving ending, the best light saber battle ever captured on (digital) film, and some disappointment. I was hoping we would catch a glimpse of a ghostly Qui-Gon. Ewan McGregor must have been channeling the spirit of Alec Guiness because I thought he was dead on in his reprised role of Obi-Wan. My only gripe - I felt like the acting, particularly the acting by our doomed Sith Apprentice, left a little to be desired. But at least the circle is now complete, and all there is left to do is wait for the DVD.
I didn't work overtime this week, but I think I am going to schedule some next week. I really can use the money. I want to pay off one of these cards before the end of the year.
The other day when I went and picked up Emily from school I took a detour through the drive-thru at Mrs. Winners chicken and picked up a couple biscuits. Now, before you think the wrong thing, I turned the truck around and we drove to a parking lot next to a Doctor's Office where the sat two families of Canadian Geese. Emily and I got out of the truck and took the biscuits and crumble them up and started throwing the crumbs to the geese. They each had a set of babies, one set of which was further developed than the others, but Emily was fascinated by them. She even tried to say 'geese' which sounded more like 'geesh', but at least she was picking up on what they were and repeated the word for Mindy later in the evening.
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This morning when I woke up and got Emily ready to go to school and after she and Mindy left I wasn't quite ready to go back to bed. I had Tivo'd this show called Deadliest Catch on The Discovery Channel and I tell you, it is FASCINATING! I have always heard that the Alasken Crab Fisherman is the deadliest job on the planet but until you see it (even if it is only on TV) you have no idea how hard that job is. These guys only work for three or four days but they endure harsh weather conditions, rough seas, sleep deprivation and HARD labor in order to make their money during the Crab Season. It really makes you appreciate those King Crab legs you eat at Red Lobster (or wherever you prefer to dine). It is entirely possible that the boat that brought it to shore may have lost a fisherman in search of those very legs. Mmmmm... Legs of death! If you get a chance to see the show I recommend it.
Tivo was also kind enough to record an episode of Saturday Night Live for me. As it turns out, it was the first episode right after September 11, and it really hit home. I hasn't even been four years since those events and seeing all those firemen and policemen on stage, with Paul Simon singing The Boxer as the camera pans across their faces, I re-experienced the sense of loss I felt in those days after the Twin Towers fell. It makes me wonder if folks who survived Pearl Harbor always have that same kind of feeling every day. I am certain they do, just as I am certain we all feel that loss from 9/11 each day - if only for a fleeting moment and than we push on with our lives.
I had a chance to talk with a couple folks regarding my being passed over in the interview process and they are of the same thought that my lack of tenure with Amex is the likely culprit, in addition to folks who have been working in the training area who were most likely the preferred candidates anyway. Like I said previously, I have no time for a pity party, and if anything I think I may seek out some overtime each week to pull in some extra dollars. I have scheduled myself in the Amex program Building On Your Abilities (they call it BOYA) so my days off are planned out already. I was told this is a definite step toward being seriously considered for leadership roles, so if anything I am persisting in my goal to get off the phones and scale the company ladder.
[ profile] modernarchetype has inspired me to get out of debt ASAP and I am thinking of purchasing a program about turning debt into wealth. I know there are a number of programs and schools of thought so I plan on researching everything thoroughly before putting any money toward anything like that. If anything, it is a goal and I am aiming to achieve it.
Emily hasn't been feeling herself lately. Her cough is still there, even though the doctors have all said her lungs sound great. Her eyes are draining and tearing a lot, which is something I have dealt with most of my life and I wonder if that is a hereditary trait or not. Mindy is planning another visit to the doctor, probably tomorrow, so we'll see what they have to say...
Mindy wants to see House of Wax but I think it's a rental. If anything, do I really want to pay money to see Paris Hilton get killed? Hmmm... Maybe that is worth the price of an early show. I want to see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy but I am seeing and hearing a lot of mixed reviews from the critics as well as folks on my friends list. Maybe I am just better off waiting two weeks and seeing that little George Lucas film. What was it called again? Galaxy Conflicts? Universal Battles? Hmmm - for the life of me I just can't remember!
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Okay, this is the third and probably last entry for the day...

I was reading the newspaper this afternoon, one must keep up on the issues that plague our society, and I read that CBS is planning on produucing a reality television show based on the Beverly Hillbillies. They plan on bringing some rural clan to Beverly Hills for a year and tape their lives for entertainment purposes, with visits from their relatives interspersed here and there to liven things up. What?! Have we sunk so low that we no longer have anything better to watch on TV than inbred Jed and his toothless granny making moonshine in the bathroom? (Television is another topic in itself - people should read books more often!)

I mean, this whole reality TV thing is getting absurd in it's attempt to shock us, or draw us into some pathetic lifeforms sorry existence. I'm sorry to tell CBS this, but the Beverly Hillbillies Reality TV show is already on the air! (I'm talking about you Anna Nicole) Let's face it, Jerry Springer will forever give the inbred and stupid an outlet for their problems, since they can't seem afford therapy or cease boinking their own siblings, but I am getting bored with reality tv.

I watched the first three or four Real Worlds. New York was the best cast of all, but as I got older I noticed I didn't connect with the cast anymore (starting in Florida if I recall)... Yeah, the first Survivor was fine - we talked about it around the water cooler and we all hated the naked fat gay guy and wished it had been us who had won a million bucks. Big Brother sucked and that's when I really started to avoid the reality genre. I have peeked in on Ozzy and the family, and I think he's a good Public Service Announcement for drug avoidence seeing as how he can't speak a clear sentence or sit in a chair without falling backwards. But really, aren't we taking it to a new level when producers think we want to watch stupid genetic throwbacks watching a jacuzzi bubble and think maybe it's to cook your fresh road kill in?

I'd like to think America was more intelligent than than, but I doubt television producers would agree with me.


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