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I thought getting everything cleared out of the condo and having it painted were big, but last night we took our biggest step since getting married! Read more... )
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We did it all... We actually had the place emptied of 95% of all clutter! I hauled out a ton of stuff we threw away. I dropped off about 7 huge garbage bags filled with clothes and shoes to Goodwill. (Love that Tax Deduction!) We boxed up almost all of the stuff we haven't used but want to keep, and I moved it all down to our garage. All of our furniture was moved into the center of their respective rooms, and the place looks BARE! I even managed to do four loads of laundry last night, and watch the season premiere of 'Smallville'. Not bad!

This morning when I met the painter he commented that he couldn't believe we got all that stuff done since he had come out for the estimate on Monday. I guess we are pretty motivated... After all, the idea of selling the condo, making a tidy profit, paying off all our bills (including my student loan), and the eventual moving to NC and buying of an actual house can make you do things in a hurry.
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Well, my website is taking shape slowly. I had hoped to have most of it done by now, but I changed my mind a a few times about how to format it. I am opting to use frames, rather than layers and tables, to flesh out the basic design. My design program (Dreamweaver) keeps hanging, which means I might lose changes once in a while, so I am saving often so I don't lose all my work. So my temporary page is sitting there for the moment. But that is the least of my worries! Read more... )


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