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I'll keep this short and sweet, but ever so delightful...

The flight on Monday connected in Atlanta. Blech! I hate the airport in Atlanta - it is always so crowded. I guess I have been spoiled by PTI since it is much smaller and easier to get in and out of. Both flights on Monday were full flights, yet I managed to get out there in what seemed to be a comfortable manner - even with people sitting right next to me. We watched Fantastic Four on the way to Salt Lake City - I am glad I didn't pay for a full priced theater ticket to see it.

The air in Utah was drier than what I have grown accustomed to in NC, but it was cool and crisp and I enjoyed the climate change. When I talked with Mindy she said it was raining and yucky, so I tried to keep the fact that the sun was out and air was clear out of the conversation. My hotel room at the Hilton rocked! The bed wasn't too bad, I had lots of pillows, and they had bottled water waiting for me in my room 9at no charge, which was cool). The only way it could have been better was if Paris Hilton was there to give me turn down service as I walked around in my boxers and hearing her say, "That's hot!" But that wasn't going to happen... After all, the motto in SLC is "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! Tomorrow you may be in Utah!"

One thing that really stood out for me - Salt Lake City was so clean! Even the homeless people in the park seemed a little cleaner than most homeless people.

The vendor visits went well. I have plenty to write about them, and they will be as I write my summary reports and email them to my boss before I leave today.

The flights home were also quite full, and yet once again I managed to travel comfortably. We watched Bewitched on the way back - talk about a waste of film! UGH!! We connected in Cincinatti, and I ate the worst buritto I have ever had the displeasure of putting in my mouth. I should have just bought the hot-sauce I founf in the gift shop and burned off the taste buds that died from that travesty! When I landed in Greensboro, my truck was waiting for me at the curb (love the valet parking!) and I swear - it took my no more than six minutes from exiting the plane to being in my truck and on the road. Carry on luggage and valet parking - two great things that go great together!

I arrived home to a naked daughter, a happy dog and a wife making cookies (not for me, but for work) in the kitchen. Needless to say, I am glad I was sleeping in my own bed last night.

PS - The Angels were robbed!
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For the record, Utah is beautiful!

The mountains, the clear skies, cool temps, and the people here are very friendly. The vendor visit is going well so far.

We ate at a place called Spencer's last night, located in the lobby of the Hilton and it was GREAT! The steak I had was cooked perfectly and the service was wonderful. I was good though and I did not have dessert. (But the desserts looked quite tasty)

More tomorrow.
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So, I flew down last week. The airport is, literally, less than five minutes from the office so I drove over and left the truck with the valet parking ($13 a day, but Amex pays for it...) and went to the e-ticket kiosk. Printed up my boarding pass, breezed through security, and was sitting at the gate in what seemed like ten minutes. I so love our airport! Kicks ass over John Wayne and LAX any day!!

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Does anyone else read 'For Better or For Worse' in the comics pages of your local newspaper? I have it set on My Yahoo! and read it everyday. Anyway, I am very concerned about Elzabeth - she has this stalker guy at work and in today's strip she is alone with him and he has taken on a threatening posture... I doubt he'll rape her (after all, this is the comics page we are talking about) but I am on the edge of my seat hoping everything works out and that she won't be hurt. (Geez, listen to me go on about a COMIC STRIP!!)
The MIL and Mindy's Niece will be here in a little more than six hours. Commence Panic!
I finally got my corporate card and ordered my new cell phone with accesories and hopefully will have them in the next couple days. Funny thing about the card, they sent the original on 7/25 and I called to have a replacement sent on Friday. I had the replacement in hand on Monday afternoon, and right after I activated it I went to talk with our Admin when the mail guy walks up to her and asks, "Uh, is there a Michael Barnes here?" After a quick chuckle I fessed up that I was the man he was looking for, and he hands me the original card that has been floating around for two weeks inside the building. Talk about ironic!
No new news about my nephew. I guess I will have to call his social worker and see why I haven't heard from him yet, since she was supposed to visit him and let him call my grandmother as well as myself.
Anyone like the 30 Second Bunny Troupe over at ?? They have a bunch of new 30 second movies that will be premiering on Starz - including Star Wars! Gotta love them bunnies! That and squirrels.... As in Foamy the Squirrel over at - I tell ya, that rodent speaks TRUTH!!
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I finally broke down and did some yardwork this weekend. The front was done by Friday evening and looks great. I managed to mow, trim, weed the font planter area and blow away the grass clippings. I started in the back but that didn't get done until Saturday when I borrowed the neighbors riding mower and went to town. If anyone notices the decrease in oxygen levels it is because I clear cut the miniature Amazon forest in my backyard. I need to put down some bug killer back there though... As I was riding and mowing I could see a mass exodus of bugs, flying and jumping this way and that, as they attempted to flee the mass destruction I was leaving in my wake. If I can see them that clearly, perhaps I need to do some bio-maintenance back there and decrease the surplus population.

I also did some work inside in anticipation of my MIL and Mindy's niece flying out on Wednesday. Still have a few more thinsg that I need to do before they get here, so I'll be sure to finish that up before I go to bed on Tuesday evening. There is no rest for the wicked!

Emily was a bit crabby this weekend. She wasn't her usual cheerful self at her friend's birthday party, but she has managed to say the words all parents dread - (long dramatic pause) 'Chuck E. Cheese' - and all I can say is that if you can avoid the place, do it. To call it organized chaos is a lie - it is just utter chaos in there. Kids running around like little heathens and a small percentage of parents who just don't give a rats behind what said heathens are doing the whole time they are there. It brings to mind a bumper sticker I saw recently, "What is the solution to out of control children? It's Aparent!" Personally, I couldn't agree more and because of that I can forgive the G-Dub sticker on the other side of the bumper.

So next weekend we'll be at the beach. I guess I am looking forward to the trip just so I can finally say I have seen the Atlantic Ocean. I'll be sure to write about that little trip next week. In the meantime, it is time to get back to work.
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I am a bit peeved at Delta Skymiles. They have no record of my previous Skymiles account! What does that mean? Well, my last trip that I took to SoCal I remember signing up and getting something like 5,000 miles for the round trip - now they don't exist! Grrrr.... No I had to sign up again as a new skymiles customer.

While I was at it I also signed up with Continental, American Airlines, Starwood Hotels (Sheraton) and Hilton HHonors (Yes, it is spelled with two H's). I figure these are the big programs, might as well earn some points for the travel I will be doing.


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