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Last night Mindy and went over the list of names suggested by my awesome friends and I think she pretty much vetoed each and every one. She suggested Emma as well as Ella, which I promptly vetoed both. I told her that after we named Emily I learned that Emily was the top name for girls the year Emily was born - Emma was number two. (Thanks to the government for gathering the data, I shall share the link - - enjoy searching the year YOU were born to see which names were popular). As for Ella, there is only one Ella and I am sure [ profile] modernarchetype would have Darrell launch a patriot missle into my living room to insure she remains THE Ella. (Well, maybe not to that extreme, but I respect her enough to forgoe using the name) I think we can get a bit more original this time around (if we have a girl), without forgoeing my affection for classic names. I am leaning toward Abigail or Grace, but I am sure my tastes may change come September - we'll have to wait and see.

I watched Surface last night... Maybe I am having a harder time suspending my sense of belief, but if you are in a underground storage facility, ten floors down beneath the Earth, don't try and tell me that you are going to get a CELLPHONE SIGNAL! Uh, no. (This is where working for a cellphone company becomes problematic) I remember working for LA Cellular and writers for The X-Files called into our customer service center to ask questions about how cellphones work so they could write an episode and have it be factual. I guess those Surface writers never stopped to think about stuff like that. Oh well, it was the season Finale last night, and I have a hard time believing it will be renewed next year... It'll be replaced by Bobsledding With the Stars, Celebrity Dog Swapping or something along those lines.

Edit: You HAVE to read comments... Some funny stuff in there...
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Okay, there are too many talentless people in Greensboro who think they are the next American Idol. Maybe if Jerry Springer did auditions, we might have impressed the world, but this just makes me ill thinking that the rest of the nation may be judging those of us who live here by the display I have been witnessing this evening. That is all.
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I remember when I was ten years younger and Friday night meant hanging out with friends and getting into trouble. Now? I get to sit and watch 'Ghost Whisperer' with Mindy (she likes the show, I like Jennifer Love Hewitt's cleavage). Thankfully there is that new show 'In Justice' afterward - I like that show. Kyle MacLachlan always makes me think of 'Dune' whenever I see him. I realize that not many people like that movie, but it is one of my favorite books so the movie has a special place in my heart (and in my DVD collection). Anyway, I like the new show - Tivo it if you are still young enough to be going out and having fun on a Friday night. Watch it on Saturday morning while you nurse your hangover.
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Okay, on 20/20 there is this woman who pretended to be a man for 2 years.

She's more handsome than I am!

I feel so... Unattractive...
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I watched House last night and thanks to the repository of useless info and movie trivia my brain made an odd connection...

Last night's episode centered on a reporter named Fletcher (and was referred to as Fletch by his editor) who was struck down with an ephasia that caused him to speak gibberish and lose his ability to write out his thoughts. The reporter was played by Michael O'Keefe (who played Danny Noonan in the very awesome movie Caddyshack). In the movie, he starred alongside Chevy Chase (in the role of Ty Webb), who also played the lead in another movie - Fletch! What was the movie about? A reporter!

Is it just me, or is it sad that my head pulled that one out in a manner of seconds once the character details were revealed? Well, maybe not sad... How about just crazy?!

Funny Stuff

Jan. 6th, 2006 11:36 pm
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I love Dave Chappelle!

I'm Wayne Brady Bitch!

I'm Rick James Bitch!

(If only I could find the Jedi Sex Scandel, but alas, I could not)

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But after being a huge ER fan for eleven years I find that I enjoy House much more than ER and I may have to simply stop watching now that Noah Wyle has left the show.


Okay, I feel much better now that I have gotten that off my chest.

Good Day!

Aug. 2nd, 2005 11:01 am
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So, things are picking up here at work and today I finally get my lap top. Almost a month after I started, but better late than never I always say. It is brand spankin' new so I guess it was worth the wait - it has a DVD/CD/W/RW - so I can watch movies when I travel (I know, I get excited about the smallest stuff).
Lately I have been on a DS9 watching kick, thanks to my Tivo and double features every day of the week on Spike TV. The funny thing is I am finding myself preferring this show over ST:TNG and I think I understand why. TNG was always about adventure and exploring, whereas DS9 was about relationships and nowadays I care more about relationships than adventure. As I watch the shows from the beginning I can see how they built up the mystique of The Dominion, which of course leads to the Dominion War until the end of the show. It is such a shame that I didn't give the show as much attention back when it was first run on UPN before it was canceled!
After listening to my Charlie & The Chocolate Factory songs I know it is a MUST that I see that movie. I wonder if I can get us a sitter on Friday night...
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Did anyone watch 'ER' last night? I have to say, sometimes it can be interesting, sometimes seat-of your pants exciting, and sometimes it makes you scratch your head and wonder... Last night was a head scratching night.

First, after all the new security measures they added, I am lost! Things don't look the same inside, so it gets confusing watching the folks move around. The fish tank is nice though.... I want one after we move - a big one built into a wall. But that's another journal entry in itself.

Pratt and Gallant are starting flesh out a bit more. Gallant always struck me as a big pussy, but he came out swinging last night! I'll bet Pratt doesn't call him Mikey anymore...

The whole Carter and Abbey thing is getting interesting. You have to wonder if they're gonna work them into a big wedding finally down the road... But considering that Noah Wiley hasn't renewed his contract yet, I think it will be doubtful.

What's up with Luca becoming more like Dr. Ross - shagging anything and everyone that moves? He did Randi the front desk girl last week, and now he's working on patients or their parents! He's a ho!

The syringe falling in the bathroom stall was a nice touch... Does Carrie have a drug problem now? Or was she telling the truth when she said she was taking hormones? If so, why? Her mystery deepens...

One last thought - Romano sent Carrie a cactus and a note that said, "Your fifteen minutes are up!" Was it just me, or was the cactus looking rather phallic? Just a thought...

And that concludes our 'ER; discussion for the day... Feel free to add your two cents...
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Well, my Thursday night television viewing was sort of interesting...

Friends was okay. This whole Chandler goes to Oklahoma thing doesn't seem to be anything interesting, so I am not sure why they are doing it. I guess we'll all have to wait until sweeps to figure out why the plotline was introduced... (unless it was just because Matthew Perry needed more time off for his drug addiction treatments?)

After that we switched over to Survivor. We got to watch them vote off the annoyingly outspoken chick Gandia. It was very obvious she was making a power play, so when that other lady voted for her I thought that was a great strategy. The only problem is since there is that guy/girl division, the guys could vote them off easily. But than, who would do the all the work? After all, it seemed to me that the guys in that tribe are super lazy!

Will and Grace was entertaining... I may not be gay, but damn that show can be funny!

9:30 is my empty time slot... That new show on NBC, 'Good Morning Miami', doesn't interest me. I switched over to TNT and watch the last half of a Law and Order rerun. At least with Law and Order, you know you are getting quality stuff!

ER - Did anyone catch the Norma Rae reference? Considering that Sally Field is Abbie's mother, I thought that was funny... From what I read, she is returning for November sweeps, so that will be interesting. Still, I don't think they can top Romano getting his arm cut off - that still amazes me! One question that bugs me is, why is Weaver being so whiney lately? Last week she cried, but we have no explaination for that one...

Oh well, we'll see what happens next week!
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Did anyone else watch 'Smallville' last night?

Being a fan of all things Superman I have to admit that the show is very good. I mean, it's like 'Lois and Clark' meets 'Dawson's Creek', but it's better than both of those shows... The only thing that bugs me is how Kryptonite seems to give other people mutated powers and what not. In the comic books, it was simply radioactive, and affected human beings the same way radioactive materials would in real life - prolonged exposure would kill you. But hey, it's a television show so what am I griping about?

I guess I am not so bad when it comes to TV... I have a few shows that I like to watch frequently - Smallville on Tuesday, Law and Order on Wednesday, ER on Thursday, and Law and Order: SVU on Friday... Anything else that comes on before or after is just filler and I can take it or leave it.
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The painting at the condo is done! The place reeked of new paint, but it looks great. Tonight we will try to put stuff back where it belongs, before the big birthday weekend (yeah!), and I will spend part of Monday doing more stuff around the place so it can be shown and people can fall in love with it and buy it. As for me, I am tired of the place and am looking forward to the arduous task of moving cross country - as you may have guessed, I have a touch of a masochistic streak in me with a taste for suffering. But hey, the rewards in the end (of the move - get your mind out of the gutter) are worth it.

Did anyone watch 'ER' last night? All I can say is, "DAMN!" Watching aguy have his arm chopped off by the rotor blades of a helicopter sure gets you going... Especially if the arm belongs to an ass-puppet chief of staff asshole like Romano! (I know, I need a life... But I love 'ER' and am addicted)


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