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Mindy went to the store to get some stuff for breakfast.

Emily is walking around with a container of those Gerber Puffs and sprinkling them on the floor (despite my constant, "Please don't do that sweetie,") while Dixie follows her around and plays vacuum cleaner, sucking up the puffs as she goes.

Barney is on the tube, and thankfully has ended.

Alas, I spoke to soon. That purple demon has one more episode coming on before leaving me in peace.

Sleep last night seemed restful, but when I got up my mind was all over the place. I was thinking about bills, job, baby, saving for the future, etc., but I think once my status at Amex is resolved that some of it will die down. After all, all of those things will still be there - it will just be a question of tackling them all or worrying about them. I think I will opt for the tackling.

Mindy just got home. She got some bacon. :)
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Friday after leaving work I headed over to my friend Bert's place to pick up a couple new tires for the truck. Why? Well, when I had tried to get the truck to pass the NC safety inspection the previous week I learned that one of the tires was almost worn down completely on the inside, so I needed the tires to pass inspection. Anyway, I only had to pay $134 for the two tires, which was an awesome deal cinsidering they were 255/75/R16 sized tires (Bert works for a tire distributor and I scored his employee discount). So, after picking up the tires I headed over to Wal-Mart to have them mounted and the wait was a couple hours, so I got the truck entered into the system, and picked up Emily from Daycare. We headed back to Wally World to push her in a cart while I waited for the tires to be mounted. Of course we headed over to the toy section and we played with the $1.00 Batman masks. She finally figured out that if she leaves it on her face, she can be Batman. I on the other hand, I had a Darth Vader mask, and I wouldn't leave it on unless Emily left the Batman mask on. So we were strolling through Wal-Mart with our respective masks on. She looked so darn cute!

Saturday we picked up bert & Kristen, and went to breakfast before driving all the way down to Charlotte to go to one of their malls. While dining on the fine bill of fare at McDonald's it started snowing! We figured the roads were warm enough that it wouldn't impede our driving, so we went along our merry way. Now, I didn't know this, but the mall we were heading to was one I would consider to be 'high end'. They had all the stores I rarely would shop in because everything costs more than what I think things should cost. Kristen has a pair of shoes to return to Nordstrom's, and a Coach purse to buy, so there ya go. We walked the mall and wore ourselves out, bought some Lindt Chocolate (that is a purchase 'I' can get behind'), and than we had an early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. (Let me get this off my chest... Ooooooh, Cheescake Factory, how I have missed you!) After that we decided to head out and hit up Concord mills on the way back, but nature conspired against us as one of our party had some, uh, bowel issues. We waited in the parking lot while they ran into the mall to use the facilities. It seemed like forever, but they came back and it was agreed that a trip to the drug store for some Immodium was in everyones best interest (because if one of us suffers, we all suffer - right?). When we made it Concord we split up, guys to one side, ladies to the other. We ended up closing down Concord, and than heading home around 10:00pm. I was dog tired! Emily crashed in the car on the way home, and for the most part everyone was just exhuasted from all the walking around.

When we got home we put Emily to bed and crawled into our bed for the night. I got smart and took a couple Ibuprofen to help with the aches I was sure I would be feeling by morning. A little bit after 2:00am, Emily decided she wanted to be in our bed, and rather than try to convinve her otherwise I brought her in. About an hour later, she woke up, said her tummy hurt, and puked on the bed. Yeah! So I spent some time half asleep, changing sheets and bedding.

Sunday was a lazy day. I did some stuff around the house, took a nap, and read from the book i have been readining. Nothing too exciting. After that we went over to Kristen & Bert's place for dinner, and I watched the last part of the Daytona 500 (Bert is a big Nascar fan). Kristen made a yummy White Chili, which reminded me of a Chicken Tortilla Soup. After that, we headed home.

And that is my weekend review.
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We're going to Charlotte tomorrow. Mindy and our friend Kristen want to go shopping down there, so my buddy Bert (Kristen's new husband) and I are being dragged down there to carry the shopping bags.

So, if you are in the Charlotte area, look for me playing the part of the Pack-Mule as I carry shopping bags for my wife.
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This weekend was spent loading up music on my new iRiver, doing some shopping at the mall (picked up Mindy's V-Day gift from Emily), being slapped in the face by my daughter and yelled at by my wife, searching for those little foamy things that go over your earbuds (still haven't found them - anyone have any suggestions on where to look?), watching football, washing dogs, cleaning up around the house, getting stopped by a cop and told to get my inspection sticker taken care of (which still needs to be done), and marinating steaks I didn't cook yesterday (but will cook tonight).

Things that I wanted to do, but didn't get done? Get a haircut, vacuum out and wash the cars, get my oil changed and truck inspection sticker renewed, clean the bathroom, mop the kitchen floor, pull out dead plants from the flower bed in front of the house, get some wings from Hooter's for the game.

So, back to things I did accomplish. I loaded up 1180 music files on the MP3 player. I still have about 15 gigs of space and I hardly scratched the CD collection! Wheeeeeee! I found a homemade CD in one of our CD file albums of Oingo Boingo rarities including an entire concert from 1990 (that I happened to be present at in the audience which is cool). I find that funny, because their Farewell CD was recorded at another concert I was at. I have a legit concert CD and a bootleg - both of which I was in attendance. Schweet!
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Okay, so the weekend is over and I have to say I wish I could have another one! I guess I'll have to wait until Friday again, like I always do, and than I can be supercharged for a nice Saturday/Sunday all over again. *Sigh* It's the waiting that is the hardest part (Nod to Tom Petty).

Friday night it rained! I love the rain. I don't know why, but the sound of rain outside my window does something to me... It kicks in my autumn/winter instincts, and the next thing I know I feel like getting under the blankets and - Hmmm.. Maybe I better not go into details here... My wife reads this journal and it might not be a good idea to throw out too much information... :) Just let your imagination wander, I am sure you'll get the idea!

Saturday we went to Mindy's niece's birthday party. It was at the park... The afternoon after it rained... Believe it or not, the grass wasn't as soaked as I thought it would be. There were a few foilks there who I didn't know, and as of today I still don't know them, but that's okay. Mindy's best friend Pennie and her two girls were there. She has two very sweet little girls - I hope if when Mindy and I have kids that our parenting skills yield such successful results. Anyway, we barbequed chicken breasts that Mindy marinated overnight - they were very tasty! Lemon juice, olive oil, basil, thyme, chopped garlic, and some salt and pepper. I highly recommend that you try it! Later that night we watched the baseball game. We were conflicted about who we wanted to win, because Mindy's company gave oput tickets to see the last game of the series to some of the employees, and the ass-kisser next door had scored a ticket to see the game in their company suite. We really wanted the Angels to win, since we live in SoCal. But if the Giants had won, than the series would have been over and the jerk next door would not have been able to go to the game and brag about it.

Sunday we slept in. As a matter of fact, we totally forgot to turn our clocks back, so when we woke up and the time on the cable box didn't match my alarm clock I was a bit confused. After sorting that out, we read the paper, played with Dixie and Spike, and than we got ready to go over to Pennie's place. When we got there, we carved pumpkins, watched football, and hung out. We walked over to TGI Friday's to watch the baseball game (Man was it crowded!), and ended up walking back to Pennie's not too long afterward. I am not into crowds. Her husband, Ivan, works at Friday's so he got a bunch of food and brought back to the house and we watched the game. During the walk we missed three runs scored by the Angels. What a game! Normally, I am not a big baseball fan, but I really enjoyed the game a lot. I guess they won because the ultimate Ass-Monkey was there, in the company suite, rallying for the team. He he he...

So, that is my weekend in a nutshell. How was yours?
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Time for another long-winded, yet entertaining, weekend review! Read more... )
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Okay, so I wrote about Sunday and Monday and I had a great time. However, there were some shenanigans happening in our neighborhood this weekend, and they weren't the good kind! Read more... )
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After coming into work on Saturday to finish my reports, my weekend consisted of Sunday and Monday - and I had no idea that Monday was Columbus Day. Go figure... Read more... )
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Well, this weekend my wife and I are going to hang out with her best friend (possibly), go see Craig 'The Love Master' Shoemaker at The Improv, and will go to the movies and see if we can movie hop (our previous record is four movies in one day).

Tonight we are going to bake brownies and set them out this weekend for the agents and prospective buyers in the hopes that fueling them with sugar and chocolate will prompt someone to make a written offer. Since losing the last prospect, only one agent has shown our place this week. We're very motivated to sell right now, and want to get busy with our relocation to North Carolina. The nice thing is that all the folks I have talked with and exchange mail with make NC sound like a great place to live. Hopefully I will get to meet some of my online friends once we get out there.
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Well, this weekend was interesting. I wrote about it earlier this morning, but the entry was lost when I tried to update my journal. Gotta love technology!

Saturday was spent up in Oak Glen, just outside of Indio. It's this huge agricultural and art community where the grow apples and make crafts. We bought some apple cider (good stuff! But it has a lot of sugar, so I have to mix it with water), some winesap apples (we're gonna make apple crisps), and I got some sugar free fudge (very tasty!)

I picked up my nephew on Sunday and we spent the day with him. We took him to brunch and to a movie (Spy Kids II - can you say STOOPID?!).

Over the course of the weekend, while we were out, we had about three folks and their realtors go through our condo. I like that the realtors leave their cards before they leave, so we can keep track of who is showing the place. Our realtor, Rich, came by last night with a written offer! It was lower than we would have liked, so we countered with a higher price. I am not sure where the wheeling and dealing will go, but if they won't come up in their offer price I am sure we'll say, "no thanks."
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You would think that after having two days to finish my home improvement project I would have finished it - but no. Saturday morning and evening I grouted the tile - and took a break in between to attend the Angels versus Rangers game at Edison Field. The game was pretty entertaining and the Angels won 8 to 6. I even bought a hat! The hot dogs and nachos smelled tempting - but I am committed to my weight goals, so I passed. I did have a handful of peanuts though - no cracker jacks. Back to my tile work... Read more... )


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