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My thighs hurt... But in a good way. :)
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Twice in a week? Don't freak out...

Well we had a nice little downpour today. Thanks to Tropical Storm Cindy I don't have to water the lawn this weekend! It's a good thing I mowed in the backyard this morning, otherwise I could only imagine the jungle I would have to face over the next few days. I do think I will lay down some bug killer though... As I was driving the (borrowed) lawn tractor I could see bugs of all shapes and sizes fleeing from the coming onslaught of the mower blades, so perhaps I should do them all a favor and send them on to Valhalla. (For those of you non-warrior folks, that is the great hall where all warriors go after they die. Be sure you know the Riddle of Steel so you can gain entrance)

Speaking of tropical storms and hurricanes I came up with a great idea! Since hearing of Cindy I was struck with the idea that maybe one year they can do a brady bunch themed naming for all the storms and such! Or, if we don;t have enough names with the right letters - a TV Theme! We need a name for each letter of the alphabet and it has to alternate between male and female for each letter. Is anyone up to the challenge?

I am slowly moving back into daylight mode. I am very certain I will have this weekend off in it's entirety (including tomorrow night) so I will have plenty of time to get used to waking up in the morning and going to bed at a reasonable hour. This will also make sticking to my diet a lot easier since I won't be working those funky hours and I'll have Mindy there to keep me focussed. After all, if I am going to have to travel now and then for the job, I would much rather be comfy flying in economy class than crammed into a full flight and taking up more room than I should.

I have been meaning to call my former boss/mentor/friend Jean Troy since she retired last month. I wanted to share the good news about my promotion. I think I will make a point to do so tomorrow. Than again, I need to make a couple phone calls, mostly bill related and what-not, but I figure if I make a list of places and people that need to be called I will be more likely to follow through and get it done.

Okay, now onto something that needs observance - London Bombings. I don't know who did it but I am sure we'll know soon enough - I just wish the media wouldn;t be so quick to throw out names and suspicions because I feel that is irresponsible journalism (if you can call talking heads journalists). I hope those who were injured recover quickly, I hope the families of those killed will remember their loved ones with love, and I hope the bastards who did it rot in hell.

Okay, one last thing, something funny, to end this entry on a bright note! The other day when I was in the bathroom I happened to let pass a little gas... Okay, maybe not a little, and maybe a little louder than I was expecting. Anyway, Emily was nearby and she said, "Daddy Poop!" The next thing I know, she walks up to me and starts checking my shorts!! Is nothing of mine to be private anymore? Now my underpants are open season for her to check!!

Okay, that's all for now... Night all!!
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We received an invite to a wedding for Mindy's cousin who is presently residing in Charlotte. It is in Hawaii, and will happen in May of next year. In the interest of being comfortable on an airplane I am seriously examining what I eat and trying to be good. This week I have switched over to A LOT of veggies and salad, smaller portions of protein, and I have steered clear of bread and potatos (with a small serving now and them). Just these small changes seem to be having an affect because I stepped on the scale for the first time in months and I actually weigh under 400 lbs. Go me! I figure once I have shaved off an additional 10 lbs I am going to work up and exercise routine, mostly a lot of walking mixed with some dumbbell work and routines I have found reasonable in Men's Health magazine. Fortunately for me I have great legs already, so I think I'll try to bulk those up a bit and with the extra muscle mass I'll be able to burn calories more effectively. I may never be a skinny guy like my buddy Jeffe, but hey, at least I'll be healthier and can change the adjective I use for myself from 'obese' to 'husky'.
Emily has now added the words 'Hot Dog' and 'Pink' to her vocabulary. Pink was revealed this morning when getting her dressed and Mindy offered her a blue outfit or a pink one to wear and she said, "Pink!" Mindy was quite pleased...
Some former neighbors of ours who had moved to Georgia came up to NC to visit. The wife is pregnant and Mindy's hairdresser, who lives three houses over, had mentioned they were going to throw her a baby shower when she came and that she would let her know when they would be coming up. Well we spotted them over there Saturday afternoon and again this afternoon. Nobody had notified us there were coming, no invite to the shower (if it was held), and no drop by to our home by the visiting couple. Mindy was a little hurt, and while I don't feel hurt or anything I just think it is rude for someone to make mention of a visit and not follow through on a promise to invite you to a party (once again, if it was held). Some people just lack good manners and appear to be less of a neighbor and more like people who live in close proximity. Mindy is considering changing hair dressers, and I don't blame her.
Work this week is ending on a high note as I am at about 100% productivity for the day and 200% for the week. If I had worked on friday I have a feeling I would have sold OVER 60... But I didn't. I took the day off. I think this week I may schedule myself for some overtime, just to see if I can hit the 60 mark. Plus, the extra money would go a long way.
I have some other stuff I want to write about, but I am gonna make that one a friends only post in the near future.
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I forgot to mention that I weighed in at weight watchers last night and lost 7.6 pounds this past week! I think it had a lot to do with all the going up and down the stairs, carrying heavy stuff to the garage, and eating a shitload of salad! I swear, I am getting to the point where I want a salad at lunch AND dinner!
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You would think that after having two days to finish my home improvement project I would have finished it - but no. Saturday morning and evening I grouted the tile - and took a break in between to attend the Angels versus Rangers game at Edison Field. The game was pretty entertaining and the Angels won 8 to 6. I even bought a hat! The hot dogs and nachos smelled tempting - but I am committed to my weight goals, so I passed. I did have a handful of peanuts though - no cracker jacks. Back to my tile work... Read more... )
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Yesterday was a mess! I had to go to the jewelry store to pick up my wife's wedding ring (her engagement ring and wedding band came apart). I was a few blocks away from another destination where I was supposed to pick up a cat tree for the recently neutered Spike, but my wife wanted me to go to a weight watchers meeting with her. Tried as I did, I could not convince her of the logic in my going to the meeting separately. She figured the other party who was meeting me could just as easily wait an extra hour.


I ended up going home, and the woman I was supposed to meet called me. It would be an inconvenience for her to wait. So if I wanted a free cat tree, I had to meet her there ASAP. So I drove back out there - in the SoCal rush hour traffic - and what would have normally taken ten minutes was forty five. But I got the cat tree. The price was right.

And I made it to the meeting with about fifteen minutes to spare - and lost three pounds! Woo Hoo!


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