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First, here is a improvised panoramic view of my work area (click on the thumbnails to enlarge):

cube1 cube 2 cube 3

And, as requested, my own personal works of art:

First we have my ode to a genius!


And of course, the Man of Steel!


And there ya go...
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Oh, just and FYI for [ profile] modernarchetype - I brought in the digital camera today and I will be posting my 'Whiteboard Einstein' for you this evening.

As a special bonus, I am also going to post my 'Whiteboard Superman over Metropolis' as well.

Basically I am gonna post up my workspace - my cube/cell if you will. Not all of us get offices. ;-)

Better late than never I always say!
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I am writing up a newsletter for my vendors and in referencing an often quoted study I decided to see if I could find any record of it. As the saying goes, studies have shown that if you smile while you are speaking over the phone, people can hear it in your voice. But guess what, I am hitting a wall when I try to find and reported study of just that very statement! Makes ya wonder...

And since I am all about the smiles today:

It costs nothing, but gives much. You are
enriched when both receiving it and offering
it to someone else. It takes only a moment,
but its memory can last a lifetime.

None is so rich or mighty that
he can get along without it,
and none is so poor that he
cannot be made richer by it.

It brings happiness to the home,
promotes good will in business
and is the cornerstone of friendship.

It perks up the weary, brings cheer
to the discouraged, sunshine to the
sad and is nature's best antidote
for trouble.

It is so valuable, and yet it cannot
be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen,
for it is worthless until it is given away.

If you see someone without one of their own,
then send them one of yours: for no one needs
a smile so much as he who has none to give.
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Last night I put some Great Northerns in the pot for a good soak and this morning I threw them in the crockpot with some really tasty ham we picked up at Costco, and a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash Table Blend. Doesn't that just sound tasty? I was considering making some cornbread, but I think I'll be good tonight and just have a spinich and romaine salad with my beans.
Okay - first check this out:

Dude, give it up! You hit the motherload four times and the last time you came up empty. Dontcha think it is time to look elsewhere for your next bit score? That well has been tapped!
My Yahoo Launchcast keeps playing this group called Llama - I have never heard of them. They aren't anything special, in my opinion, but I have to wonder why they keep popping up. I think maybe the record companies are paying Yahoo to drop these selctions every now and then. Maybe I should just go to the website of the local classic rock station (Rock 92.3 for you locals) and listen to their streaming webcast since they now have that capability. Than I won't have to worry about stray Llamas on my computer...
Number, numbers everywhere on my screen... Time for the Quarterly Reports and I am waiting for data that should have been here two days ago. Grrrr! They are keeping me from doing what needs to get done... Well, at least I have my LJ diversion and email. They keep me from playing Spider Solitare, and that can be just as addictive.
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I'll keep this short and sweet, but ever so delightful...

The flight on Monday connected in Atlanta. Blech! I hate the airport in Atlanta - it is always so crowded. I guess I have been spoiled by PTI since it is much smaller and easier to get in and out of. Both flights on Monday were full flights, yet I managed to get out there in what seemed to be a comfortable manner - even with people sitting right next to me. We watched Fantastic Four on the way to Salt Lake City - I am glad I didn't pay for a full priced theater ticket to see it.

The air in Utah was drier than what I have grown accustomed to in NC, but it was cool and crisp and I enjoyed the climate change. When I talked with Mindy she said it was raining and yucky, so I tried to keep the fact that the sun was out and air was clear out of the conversation. My hotel room at the Hilton rocked! The bed wasn't too bad, I had lots of pillows, and they had bottled water waiting for me in my room 9at no charge, which was cool). The only way it could have been better was if Paris Hilton was there to give me turn down service as I walked around in my boxers and hearing her say, "That's hot!" But that wasn't going to happen... After all, the motto in SLC is "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! Tomorrow you may be in Utah!"

One thing that really stood out for me - Salt Lake City was so clean! Even the homeless people in the park seemed a little cleaner than most homeless people.

The vendor visits went well. I have plenty to write about them, and they will be as I write my summary reports and email them to my boss before I leave today.

The flights home were also quite full, and yet once again I managed to travel comfortably. We watched Bewitched on the way back - talk about a waste of film! UGH!! We connected in Cincinatti, and I ate the worst buritto I have ever had the displeasure of putting in my mouth. I should have just bought the hot-sauce I founf in the gift shop and burned off the taste buds that died from that travesty! When I landed in Greensboro, my truck was waiting for me at the curb (love the valet parking!) and I swear - it took my no more than six minutes from exiting the plane to being in my truck and on the road. Carry on luggage and valet parking - two great things that go great together!

I arrived home to a naked daughter, a happy dog and a wife making cookies (not for me, but for work) in the kitchen. Needless to say, I am glad I was sleeping in my own bed last night.

PS - The Angels were robbed!
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For the record, Utah is beautiful!

The mountains, the clear skies, cool temps, and the people here are very friendly. The vendor visit is going well so far.

We ate at a place called Spencer's last night, located in the lobby of the Hilton and it was GREAT! The steak I had was cooked perfectly and the service was wonderful. I was good though and I did not have dessert. (But the desserts looked quite tasty)

More tomorrow.
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So, I flew down last week. The airport is, literally, less than five minutes from the office so I drove over and left the truck with the valet parking ($13 a day, but Amex pays for it...) and went to the e-ticket kiosk. Printed up my boarding pass, breezed through security, and was sitting at the gate in what seemed like ten minutes. I so love our airport! Kicks ass over John Wayne and LAX any day!!

Read more... )
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Does anyone else read 'For Better or For Worse' in the comics pages of your local newspaper? I have it set on My Yahoo! and read it everyday. Anyway, I am very concerned about Elzabeth - she has this stalker guy at work and in today's strip she is alone with him and he has taken on a threatening posture... I doubt he'll rape her (after all, this is the comics page we are talking about) but I am on the edge of my seat hoping everything works out and that she won't be hurt. (Geez, listen to me go on about a COMIC STRIP!!)
The MIL and Mindy's Niece will be here in a little more than six hours. Commence Panic!
I finally got my corporate card and ordered my new cell phone with accesories and hopefully will have them in the next couple days. Funny thing about the card, they sent the original on 7/25 and I called to have a replacement sent on Friday. I had the replacement in hand on Monday afternoon, and right after I activated it I went to talk with our Admin when the mail guy walks up to her and asks, "Uh, is there a Michael Barnes here?" After a quick chuckle I fessed up that I was the man he was looking for, and he hands me the original card that has been floating around for two weeks inside the building. Talk about ironic!
No new news about my nephew. I guess I will have to call his social worker and see why I haven't heard from him yet, since she was supposed to visit him and let him call my grandmother as well as myself.
Anyone like the 30 Second Bunny Troupe over at ?? They have a bunch of new 30 second movies that will be premiering on Starz - including Star Wars! Gotta love them bunnies! That and squirrels.... As in Foamy the Squirrel over at - I tell ya, that rodent speaks TRUTH!!

Good Day!

Aug. 2nd, 2005 11:01 am
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So, things are picking up here at work and today I finally get my lap top. Almost a month after I started, but better late than never I always say. It is brand spankin' new so I guess it was worth the wait - it has a DVD/CD/W/RW - so I can watch movies when I travel (I know, I get excited about the smallest stuff).
Lately I have been on a DS9 watching kick, thanks to my Tivo and double features every day of the week on Spike TV. The funny thing is I am finding myself preferring this show over ST:TNG and I think I understand why. TNG was always about adventure and exploring, whereas DS9 was about relationships and nowadays I care more about relationships than adventure. As I watch the shows from the beginning I can see how they built up the mystique of The Dominion, which of course leads to the Dominion War until the end of the show. It is such a shame that I didn't give the show as much attention back when it was first run on UPN before it was canceled!
After listening to my Charlie & The Chocolate Factory songs I know it is a MUST that I see that movie. I wonder if I can get us a sitter on Friday night...

Work Stuff

Aug. 1st, 2005 01:30 pm
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Where to start?

On Friday I had my very first one on one with my new manager. During the course of our conversation she had said that she would always be up front with me and that she would never give me misinformation, which I figured was the case anyway. We talked about my wanting to increase some caligbration sessions with one of my vendors and she said she would check with someone whose name I had not heard before. "I thought it was 'so and so' that we worked with there, correct?" She said that I was questioning her information and I tried to explain that I wasn't familiar with the person she mentioned and I wanted to make sure if it was someone I would need to know about in the future. Then the convo turned to areas of opportunity for me, and she mentioned that she had asked my previous team leader about my strengths and opportunities. She mentioned that I need to be more aware of my audience when I say things (which I will agree is something I always need to work on). She used an example from earlier in the week when she and I had crossed paths on the way to our desks and she mentioned that she was leaving early to meet with her insurance agent, and I asked why. She said that is wasn't any of my business. I had only asked to be polite, but she felt is was personal info. I told her I asked to be polite and she felt that type of question was more intrusive than polite. Okay, no more personal questions about the boss - check!

After we got over that little hump I asked her if my previous TL had indicated any strengths along with my opportunities and she got mad. "This is upsetting to me," or something along those lines was said. I was confused. Why would that be upsetting? I respected my former TL's opinion and I thought nothing of asking if something had been said. I expressed that to her but for some reason it was like there was thins huge communication gap between us and I couldn't bridge it for the life of me. So basically I walked away a bit confused, and somewhat wiser. I shall tread lightly around her for now, at least until I have a better understanding of her and how she thinks.

I was puzzled by the exchange over the entire weekend. Why would someone get mad about a person asking a question like that? Isn't it perfectly normal for anyone to be curious about something that may have been said about them? The only conclusion I could come to was that she had said she would never give me misinformation and she felt I was questioning her and the information she provided me, not only with the vedor folks but again with the TL info, and perhaps that was the reason she got upset. I decided not to dwell on it, but once again, I will tread lightly for the time being until I can get a handle on her personality.

Still, it just puzzled me. I guess, in the end, I just miss working with the folks I used to work with at AT&T Wireless. It was a lot less confusing back there....
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I talked with my brother Eric this week. Technically he is my step-brother, but we never really felt that way about each other. It is always good to hear from him simply because we are family by choice, even after our parent divorced, and I love the fact that he calls me his 'Little Brother'. I find that to be funny since there is nothing little about me.

Harry Potter is for sale after midnight tonight! I think I may stay up and head over to Wal-Mart to pick up a copy like I did two years ago. Of course, back then, we just happened to be at the store and saw that a line was in the beginning stages so I just went and stood in line. I think I was the thrid or fourth person. So the waiting will be over and I'll be able to find out about the 'Half Blood Prince' and all that jazz. I hope we won't have to wait as long as we did this time around for the next book, but only time will tell. Neddless to say, I am steering clear of all book reviews, spoilers and what not so I can enjoy the reading of it for myself.

Work is slowly gearing up to be busier and busier. From the sounds of things I may have to head down to Florida for a couple days in early August. The vendor is located in Miami Lakes, so if any of my buddies happen to live near that area maybe we can get together and meet in person! Other than that I am have been a bit limited as to what I can do since my laptop isn't here yet and the computer I am using doens't like to cooperate. Hopefull this will be resolved next week. So essentially I have been listening in on conference calls, organizing my project data, and getting ready to hit the ground running. Thank goodness it is Friday though, all of this has really been a tas overwhelming (not thaqt I am complaining) and I need to relax for a couple days before diving back into the deep end.

Funny thing about a trip to Florida is that I need to make sure I will be back in time to drive down to the coast with the family. My MIL and Mindy's niece will be arriving on the 10th of August, so if I do have to travel I will only be down in Florida for a couple days (will prbably leave on Monday afternnon and get back Wednesday night or Thurday afternoon) to make sure I get back in time to take our trip to the coast. Mindy is already planning for us to visit the Aquarium, so that should be pretty neat.

Lastly, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory hits theaters today. Man, I wish I could see it! We'll have to check and see if perhaps we can get a babysitter or something. The movie just looks cool, and I want to hear Danny Elfman sing like an Oompa Loompa... (I know, I am amused easily)
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Yesterday was day one in my new position... I am SOOOOOO excited about it!

First, I found out my project assignments, and it turns out I got the OSBN quality position (Open Small Business Network) which was a bit of a shock to me since I had never worked in OSBN. But as it turns out, it is a good thing because all of my projects are either located in Utah (Orem and Ogden) or Floritda (Fort Lauderdale). That means no need to go to India or the Phillipines for me! Woo Hoo! Granted, yes it would be very cool to do some international travel, but with Emily so young it wouldn't be fair for me to leave Mindy alone with her for so long (and when you travel international, they like for you to be there for at least two weeks to make it financially feasible). In all, my projects bring in over $10 million in revenues for American Express, so this is very exciting! My travel schedule is pretty much at my discretion, although I have been told they would like for me to go out and meet with the vendors before the end of the month so we can get acquainted. I guess it is time to pull out the frequent flier and frequent hotel guest cards so I can start accruing points again.

My boss is very cool. She is only a year older than I am, just recently had a baby nine weeks ago, and she has a great sense of humor (so far). We had a nice chat yesterday to get to know one another a little better and she loves the way I tell my stories (she learned about Love Connection and my previous work history, in addition to the fact that I used to be a bouncer in my early twenties). She says she may have to come to me for baby tips since Emily is almost two and she is just getting started with her nine week old, which she also had at Greensboro Women's Hospital. So far, I am getting a very good vibe.

So now comes the waiting game. I am waiting for my laptop, cell phone (no cost to me - yeah!), and Corporate Amex Card. I have to raid the supply cloest, order some business cards, and move all my stuff from upstairs and from the boxes I have in our garage (all my statistical reference materials, photos and wall decorations). I am shadowing some of the more seasoned analysts, but much of what I have seen reminds me of what I used to do in regards to calibrating, reviewing data and writing summary analysis of what I am seeing. Still, this position has much more autonomy than AWS, more travel, more responsibility, and I am VERY pumped about diving in and making a big splash.

Alrighty, time to go upstairs and grab some more of my stuff. I hope all of you have a great day!
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Twice in a week? Don't freak out...

Well we had a nice little downpour today. Thanks to Tropical Storm Cindy I don't have to water the lawn this weekend! It's a good thing I mowed in the backyard this morning, otherwise I could only imagine the jungle I would have to face over the next few days. I do think I will lay down some bug killer though... As I was driving the (borrowed) lawn tractor I could see bugs of all shapes and sizes fleeing from the coming onslaught of the mower blades, so perhaps I should do them all a favor and send them on to Valhalla. (For those of you non-warrior folks, that is the great hall where all warriors go after they die. Be sure you know the Riddle of Steel so you can gain entrance)

Speaking of tropical storms and hurricanes I came up with a great idea! Since hearing of Cindy I was struck with the idea that maybe one year they can do a brady bunch themed naming for all the storms and such! Or, if we don;t have enough names with the right letters - a TV Theme! We need a name for each letter of the alphabet and it has to alternate between male and female for each letter. Is anyone up to the challenge?

I am slowly moving back into daylight mode. I am very certain I will have this weekend off in it's entirety (including tomorrow night) so I will have plenty of time to get used to waking up in the morning and going to bed at a reasonable hour. This will also make sticking to my diet a lot easier since I won't be working those funky hours and I'll have Mindy there to keep me focussed. After all, if I am going to have to travel now and then for the job, I would much rather be comfy flying in economy class than crammed into a full flight and taking up more room than I should.

I have been meaning to call my former boss/mentor/friend Jean Troy since she retired last month. I wanted to share the good news about my promotion. I think I will make a point to do so tomorrow. Than again, I need to make a couple phone calls, mostly bill related and what-not, but I figure if I make a list of places and people that need to be called I will be more likely to follow through and get it done.

Okay, now onto something that needs observance - London Bombings. I don't know who did it but I am sure we'll know soon enough - I just wish the media wouldn;t be so quick to throw out names and suspicions because I feel that is irresponsible journalism (if you can call talking heads journalists). I hope those who were injured recover quickly, I hope the families of those killed will remember their loved ones with love, and I hope the bastards who did it rot in hell.

Okay, one last thing, something funny, to end this entry on a bright note! The other day when I was in the bathroom I happened to let pass a little gas... Okay, maybe not a little, and maybe a little louder than I was expecting. Anyway, Emily was nearby and she said, "Daddy Poop!" The next thing I know, she walks up to me and starts checking my shorts!! Is nothing of mine to be private anymore? Now my underpants are open season for her to check!!

Okay, that's all for now... Night all!!


Jul. 6th, 2005 11:53 am
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Once again I have been quite lax in my journaling, but this week has been pretty busy with the news of the promotion and the holiday weekend. But I have lots to write about, so I'll just get down to it.

Firstly, with my new promotion I have been counting days left on the phones. I promised my leader Eddie that I would still give 130% as always, to which he replied that historically people get a bit lazy when they are transition. At least my last days have been productive, and I have hit my sales goals, but I am planning on taking Friday and Sunday off so I can get re-oriented to a daytime schedule again.

Over the weekend we did yard work in from of the house. We planted two toned marigolds in the very front by the mailbox, and petunias (I think) in the front plater/retaining wall next to the house. After that I laid out fresh black mulch and everything looks VERY nice. Today I mowed and edged, and now the front of the house looks beautiful! All I have to do is work in the backyard tomorrow and my outdoor chores will be done for at least two weeks. I figure once more outside before my mother-in-law comes out to visit with Mindy's niece and everything will be perfect.

Speaking of the pending visit from the in-laws, we are more than likely going to head out to the coast for an extended weekend in August and take in one of the Aquariums in the Outer Banks/Wilmington area. Finally, after being here almost three years, I will get to see the Atlantic Ocean. I am sure I will hate it just as much as I hated the Pacific (if only because I hate getting sand all over me and carrying it back home inside all of my stuff). Still, it has been almost two years since I have seen a beach (the last time was the Gulf of Mexico in Clearwater Florida on a business trip with AT&T Wireless), so I will make the best of it and simply enjoy the time with Mindy and Emily.

My Grandmother recently had knee surgery but seems to be recovering well from what she has said. She said her heart had failed while on the operating table. While she is fine now, I was very concerned. I love my Grandmother as much as I love my wife and daughter, she has been a very important influence in my life and I would have been heartbroken if something had happened to her. Yes, I know people eventually die, but I am not ready for her to go just yet. I am certain I would miss her the most out of all her grandkids, well maybe it'll be a tie between me and my nephew Christopher, but only time can prove that and I am in no hurry to test that theory.

There is much more I could write right now, but I think I am gonna hop in the shower, especially when I think about the fact that I just finished mowing the lawn and I am eager to wash off the outdoors that I have tracked indoors with me. So with that, I hope everyone has a great day and thanks for all the positive energy that was thrown my way this past week - I do appreciate it!

*A quick note to someone who is lurking out there* I know you are still reading... That is all...
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Well, I got a call this morning around 10:30am and they matched my offer. I have a new position as Quality Analyst for American Express.

To celebrate, I am making a cake! (Check out the recipe here,,FOOD_9936_30296,00.html - I am making it without the booze)
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I went in today to work overtime and went so far as to get there early because, hey, I am just that way. Anyway, I went into the time system to view my break times and my hours for the day were gone - no overtime scheduled for me - which was odd since I scheduled it on Sunday and I know it had been approved. So I checked with the workforce management folks and basically the time was mine to do with what I wanted - I could stay and work, or I could go home and actually enjoy a night with my family.

Since I didn't have to go on the phone, and I was tired of waiting to hear something about the job I went down to the department to search out the manager I had interviewed with to see what was happening with the decision. She was on the phone but gave me the 'wait for me to finish up' sign. So I waited. Patiently. I think I was waiting for about five minutes or so, but I wasn't wearing a watch so I can't say for certain. Anyway, she calls me into her cube and we make brief small-talk.

"How are you?" "Good to see you!" Y'know, the usual....

So I get to the point, "I had some time to come down and I figured I would come and see how things are shaping up regarding the position."

Her reply didn't take long... "Well, y'see, I wanted to talk to Eddie first before I said anything. I want to make you a job offer."

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!! My heart was jumping for joy, finally I am getting ahead, the goo dnews I had been waiting for, had been worried about jinxing myself over, was finally there in the open - they wanted to hire me!!

My excitement was a tad shortlived when she wrote down what they wanted to offer me, only $30k. Much lower than I was expecting. So I countered. "When I was working for AT&T Wireless, I was making close to $50k with annual bonuses. Right now I am making commissions and the way I have been selling I figure I am going to earn close to $38k for the year." While this is slightly inflated, it is very true - I have been selling my ass off and have been getting 115%commission payouts for the last three or four weeks. "Do you think you can increase it to $35k?" She said she would call me tomorrow with her counter offer.

Now, not being one to just sit by, I called my team leader Eddie tonight and basically discussed what I just wrote above, and he basically confirmed that she had asked him how much I was making and he verified what I had said for the most part. He is emailing her to verify it further, but from what she had said to him she was going to counter tomorrow and I have a feeling I will be getting what I asked for. I will write more tomorrow to let you all know how it turns out, but I have a very good feeling.

Finally, good things are happening again after a very long rough patch... Keep those good thoughts coming, because I am sure I can still use the positive energy.
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They said we would know by by the beginning of this week and now here it is Wednesday - Hump Day - The middle of the week - and no word about the job...

I wonder if no news is good news? Anyway you slice, do me a favor and think those positive thoughts because I could sure use some good news right about now.
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Okay, first I have to say I am sorry I haven't updated about my interview sooner. I just have this feeling that if I talk about it, write about it, think about, dwell on it that I will jinx myself and not get the job. I know, I know, that is just plain foolish. But I am getting over it and coming to terms with the fact that if I presented myself in the best light and I made myself appear to be as marketable as I should have than perhaps I actually stand a chance at getting this job.

During a part of the interview I noticed my interviewers body language, more spefically she had crossed her arms in front of her while she was speaking to me about the job. I have always been trained that crossed arms means a person is being closed toward you. That had me worried. But when I thought about how much she was talking and in listening to her talk about the position, I guess it just felt contradictory. So either she was physically cold, or else she was actually closing herself off from me on a sub-conscious level. I am hoping the temp in the small conference room was not to her liking. In the end, it felt like I did a good job abd I'll just have to rest my hopes on that. Well, that and the nice 'thank you' email I sent to her afterward.

I found out who two of the folks I am competing against are and they both have more time with the company, but I am confident that my quality experience fars outweighs theirs. Essentially I am hoping that is the one factor that works in my favor. Granted, they are both people who I like and in most cicumstances I would hope that they get the job - but I REALLY want and need this position. Badly. Did I say badly? I meant REALLY BADLY!

I should know something around the beginning of next week.


Work Stuff

Jun. 22nd, 2005 12:47 pm
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I neglected to mention that last week I interviewed for a Quality Analyst position that had been posted at Amex. It is very much along the lines of what I used to do for AT&T Wireless, but focussed more on Third Party Call Center Quality. It has some travel as part of the job, but I don't mind that at all, and of course it pays better than what I am making right now. The first interview went very well and I left with a positive outlook on a second interview.

On Monday night my TL asked me to call their department admin to schedule a second interview, which surprised me because I figured I would get an email or a phone call. Anyway, my interview is in ten minutes and I have my collar and tie on and a fresh haircut so I look professional. I learned yesterday that I am interviewing with the director of the department, so I guess that means I made the short list (and considering the candidate pool to start with was nine, that says something good).

Cross your fingers, sacrifice chickens, pray - just think good thoughts for me as I try to dodge the boulder that has been chasing me lately - this could very well be the lifeline I have been hoping for.
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So last night while working my overtime I got this guy on the phone. He called in to cancel his card, in which he was the primary card holder and his mother was an additional card holder on the account. The reason he wanted to cancel? His mother didn't like the way the bill showed charges and the minimum due. I offered to switch him over to a card that gave a more straight-forward billing and he declined and put his mother on the phone, whom I got to listen to for I don't know how long while she griped that she was tired and had no energy to deal with our credit card or trying to talk us about helping her understand the billing. Bottom line - Mommy pays the bills and Junior does what Mommy says. Call me crazy, but if you are man enough to have your own card shouldn't you be man enough to pay your own bill? Just my opinion... What was even sadder to me was that they lived in the area where I grew up. It just makes NC feel that much more like home.
(This part is for [ profile] amethystfate, as promised, but everyone is welcome to enjoy it) Emily has been super cute as of late. She has taken to eating baby carrots, fresh out of the fridge. Mindy enjoys the sounds of her crunching away as she bites off little pieces. Also, she has identified the little lint box I keep in the laundry closet with the words 'no, no, no' so whenever she goes next to it to try and grab the lint I stick in there she'll say 'no, no, no' as she goes for it. I find it cute as well, but I can't let on that I do since she'll just keep doing it.
I am awaiting word on whether or not my Nephew will be coming out for the a couple weeks this summer. I had wanted to buy his airling ticket, but money is tight at the moment. Also, I can't book him a ticket online since they won't book for unaccompanied minors and his mother needs to sign something for the airline to allow him to travel without her. We had a nice discussion and now it just a waiting game for me to see if she can get him a ticket. I do hope he'll be able to come, and perhaps spend Independence Day with us here in NC. This state just seems to do it right when it comes to a display of patriotism and community spirit.
Lawn work will be postponed today due to weather, so my list of things to do has been adjusted accordingly. :-)


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