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Name the last person you...

1. Hugged: My beautiful daughter Emily

2. Smiled at:  The receptionist here at work, because I am a friendly kind of guy.

3. Deceived:  Myself

4. Glared at:  Some moron on the highway who was riding my ass like Brokeback Mountain.

5. Lusted after:  One of the female dancers last night on So You Think You Can Dance.  Wow!
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1. Have you ever had an addiction?  I have never been addicted to drugs or alcohol, but I used to drink Mountain Dew like crazy.  But I don't do that anymore.  That stuff is the devil!

2. Are you afraid of the dark?  No.  I don't mind the dark and I actually prefer it.  I remember when I was much, much younger I put up stuff on my windows to block out all the light from my room.  I loved that pitch blackness, it helped me sleep.

3. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?  Cherry Garcia - though I have been known to experiemtn with other crazy flavors and the occassional vanilla.

4. Have you ever been to the circus?  I haven't been to the circus in years, and I dare say Decades!  My Uncle Mickey used to take me to see the Ringling Brothers circus when I was a kid.  Those are some of my fondest memories of the one-on-one time I used to get to spend with him.

5. What do you think of North Korea testing nuclear weapons?  I think Kim Jong Il is a punk ass bitch who needs to be slapped across the face, have his bottom paddled, and sent to his room without his kim-che.
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1. Do you have good hand-eye coordination?

I like to think so. All those video games have come in handy for something! Just think, if I got started with Pong, how good is the hand/eye coordination of these kids playing games like GTA and Guitar Hero?!

2. Have you ever held a gun?

Yes. I actually own a S&W 357 Magnum (which I have fired on a number of occassions at the firing range) and other assorted shotguns (which have never been fired).

3. What do you think of toy guns?

In todays violent society I think they are a bad idea. Granted, I played with them growing up, but when kids started getting shot by police officers by mistake I figured it was a good idea to keep the toys out of the hands of children. Than they changed the color of the toys so that the guns don't look as real as they used too, and while on the surface you would think that is a good thing I still think it perpetuates the cycle of violence. So no toy guns for Emily. Light Sabers? That is another story!

4. When is the last time you asked for forgiveness?

Last Sunday.

5. Your favorite Aerosmith song:

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - it was one of our wedding songs.
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1. Can you dance? Anyone can dance, even me, but the question should be 'Do I Dance Well?' ro something along those lines. And the answer to that is, I have no clue! For some reason the phrase 'drunk enough to dance' pops into my head, so if that were the case I am guessing I don't dance well - especially if I am drunk. I do dance with Emily though - silly dances where we dance with wild abandon and enthusiasm, which I borrow from her, until we are breathless and laughing.

2. Who is your current crush? I love my wife. (But I secretly have a few crushes on my friends list, and I am sure they know who they are.)

3. Tell us about a dream you remember.

(I am thankful the Library of Congress keeps such dreams alive in their archives - In Memory of MLK)

I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification; one day right there in Alabama, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.

This is our hope. This is the faith that I go back to the South with. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.

This will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with a new meaning, "My country, 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim's pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring."

And if America is to be a great nation this must become true. So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire. Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York. Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania!

Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado!

Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California!

But not only that; let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia!

Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee!

Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi. From every mountainside, let freedom ring.

And when this happens, When we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

4. Do you live with anyone, or do you live by yourself? I live with my wife, my daughter, and a French Bulldog.

5. When is the last time you bled from an injury? The last time I bled was when Emily kicked me in the face and made my nose bleed. I am sure I wrote about it in my journal. :)
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1. Any plans to watch the Super Bowl? Heck yeah! I love watching the game, but I love the commercials even more (ever since Apple Computer and their 1984 inspired spot).

2. Friday or Saturday: Which is a better date night? I used to think Friday, but throw a kid in the mix and it is easier to find a sitter on a Saturday.

3. Do you do anything special on the weekends that you don't do during the week? Sleep in. Make breakfast for everyone.

4. Where do you get your news from? Fox 8 News in the morning with Brad and Cindy! I also read up on Yahoo! as well.

5. Kevin, Norm, Colin, Jimmy, Tina or Amy? I would so do Tina Fey! Oh, you mean which one is funnier? I liked Jimmy and Tina working the desk together.


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