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Hello Little Man!

In all fairness, I looked back to when your sister was still a bun in the oven and I figured out that I needed to write some more stuff for you so you don't grow up thinking that your Daddy likes your sister more than you.  In order to make sure you grow up balanced and secure in yourself we must not play favorites.  With that in mind I think it is important to let you in on a few secrets that I couldn't share with your big sister.  So, let me tell you why it is so cool to have a Y Chromosome:

1 - You can write your name in the snow.  Gross as that may sound to some, being able to write your name in the snow is a talent that the ladies don't posess, and if they do you may want to check them for an adams apple and a wig.  Penmenship is key, as is cursive handwriting ability - if you spot someones signature in print, they may have prostate issues - or else they have practiced their Kegel's.

2 - No monthly visitor.  While on the surface I would say this is a plus, you will grow up in a house with two females so you get to experience some of the 'joys' that are anything but.  If anything, it'll just prepare you to deal with it when you get older and have a spouse of your own.  But there is no reason to worry about that until you are much, MUCH older.

3 - Electronics.  Say it slow my son...  Home Theater...  Plasma Screen...  Surround Sound.  *Agh Agh AGH!*  I think that sums that up.

4 - You have an older sister.  Now, I never had an older sister, so I can't speak from experience but I will say that I have a number of friends who have told me what it is like.  With that said, when you hit peuberty, you're sister will be three years older than you and she will have friends.  More than likely, at first, they'll think you are cute in an annoying way - but once you hit those 'peak years' I am willing to bet you will be an object of desire for a handful.  It'll be rough for your Mom and I, trying to help reign you and your teenage hormones in so you stay out of trouble, but just wait.  Those college years (when your sister's friends will be older) will be worth it.  Trust me...  Emily will be bossy, pushy, and everything an older sister is supposed to be growing up - but once you hit adulthood, her friends are gonna wanna get to know you. ;-) 

Now, some things that I have shared with your sister but I want to share with you as well:

5 - I am extending the same offer I made to your sister.  Say 'Dada' first, you get a car.  Nuff said about that one.

6 - I wasn't a huge jock or anything when I was growing up, but if you want to play sports I am all for it and I'll support you.  I am all about you getting good and getting a free ride to a University of your choice.  However, if you decide you want to learn about computers, networking, and all the fun stuff associated with that I will support that as well.  If we have the funds, I'll even send you school in the summer so you can have a jumpstart on an IT degree before you graduate from High School.

7 - Many kids out there have those overbearing parents that like to live vicariously through their children.  I promise you, I am not that way.  I will push you to excel in anything that you want to succeed at, but I will also let you try and fail as you try to experience what life has to offer.  this mentality that people have about winning at all costs is a recipe for disaster.  People need to fail now and then so we can appreciate it all the more when we do succeed.  We learn from failures and apply those lessons to other things we want to do.  So no worries about me standing behind you yelling at you to succeed - I know you will succeed, it is just a question of if you have learned how to do it right and being there when you do.

8 - No matter what, your mom and I will love you.  We'll love you so much that we're going to want you love who you are and who you will become.  We're going to want you to learn responsibility, not only for yourself but for the people that you love, so that you will be able to stand on your own when the time is right.  You'll learn about work and work ethics, about bills and the need to pay them on time, about credit and how it works for you (and against you), and about respect (for yourself and everyone around you).  These lessons take a lifetime, so don't worry if you don't master them in the first ten years.  You have plenty of time.

Well, that is enough for now.  I don't want to overwhelm you with too much.  Keep developing and growing, and try not to make your mommy too uncomfortable.  Remember that her bladder is not a toy for your personal amusement.  Be a good boy.

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When I consider that three years ago I was facing fatherhood for the first time I relaized that I had written some poignent entries to my unborn child, and perhaps I should do something similar for our new addition.  Now that I have a few years of experience to draw upon, I think the message for our little boy may be different that what I wrote for Emily, but more than likely just as heartfelt and entertaining.  So, without further delay, Part One: Letters for My Unborn Son!


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